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Dear Evan Hansen review – satanically ingenious musical is suffocatingly ersatz

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By the end of its long running time, there’s something entirely unbearable about this pass-agg weepie teen-empathy musical, adapted from the 2015 stage hit. And that’s despite a satanically ingenious high-concept prem...

Blow Out at 40: Brian De Palma’s ingenious thriller remains his greatest

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Brian De Palma’s best movie, Blow Out, opens with scene from a movie-within-a-movie, a Z-grade slasher rip-off called Co-ed Frenzy, from the director of such esteemed films as Blood Bath and Blood Bath 2, Bad Day at B...

Overboard! review – ingenious cruise-ship thriller casts you as the villain

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Aboard an ocean liner travelling from Britain to New York in the late 1930s, a famous actor murders her husband by throwing him from the upper deck into the raging sea. If this were a piece of golden age detective fic...

Black Bear review – Aubrey Plaza hits career high in ingenious meta-movie

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Generally speaking, it’s a bit dismaying to find out that a movie is a movie within a movie, or that it’s somehow about itself, or a commentary on itself. The rug-pull isn’t enjoyable when the rug never felt very inte...