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UK inflation could top 5% by early 2022, says Bank’s new chief economist

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Inflation in the UK could rise above 5% by early next year, according to the Bank of England’s new chief economist. Huw Pill, who replaced Andy Haldane in September, said that the Bank of England’s monetary policy com...

Marmite maker Unilever raises prices by 4% amid high UK inflation

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Unilever has warned that inflation could worsen next year as raw material and energy costs push up the prices of its food, toiletries and cleaning products. The maker of brands such as Marmite, Dove and Domestos said ...

UK inflation dips to 3.1% despite rising fuel and transport costs – business live

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Restaurants and hotels facing ‘terrifying’ 18% inflation, MPs told

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Restaurants and hotels are wrestling with “terrifying” inflation running as high as 18%, bosses have warned, as supply chain disruption and labour shortages wreak havoc in the hospitality sector. Ian Wright, chief exe...

The UK government can’t stop inflation rising – but it can act to ease the pain

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In late summer there was a sense of hope for the UK economy, as Covid restrictions were lifted and jobs started to return. But more recently the clouds have started gathering again: prices for certain goods (such as p...

Rising inflation could trigger global sell-off that would harm UK, says Bank

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The Bank of England has warned that rising inflation could trigger a sell-off in global financial markets, with damaging consequences for the UK economy. Against a backdrop of soaring energy prices and severe shortage...

Oil and gas surge fuels inflation fears, as German factory orders tumble – business live

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Bank of England warns energy crisis will push inflation above 4% this winter

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The Bank of England has warned surging household energy bills will drive inflation above 4% this winter, with persistent pressure on living costs expected to last through to the middle of next year despite a slowdown ...

OECD warns over ending stimulus policies despite inflation pressures

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The west’s leading economic thinktank has warned governments and central banks against an over-hasty withdrawal of support for growth amid concerns that recovery from the pandemic-induced recession is incomplete. Il ...

UK forced to borrow more than expected as soaring inflation bites

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The UK government was forced to borrow more than expected in August as soaring inflation pushed up debt interest payments. The Office for National Statistics said the government’s budget deficit – the gap between spen...

MPC’s rates dilemma: protect the recovery or tackle inflation?

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Economic growth is losing steam and inflation is heading for boiling point. When the Bank of England’s rate-setters meet this week, there will be contrasting warning signs to consider. With the most severe disruption ...

Bank of England’s Saunders: inflation could force interest rate rise next year

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The Bank of England could be forced into action to raise interest rates next year if inflation remains persistently higher than expected, one of Threadneedle Street’s policymakers has said. Michael Saunders, one of ni...

Inflation set to surge this autumn as Brexit and Covid combine

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Consumers have been warned of an autumn rise in living costs from sharp increases in household energy bills and food prices, as Covid and Brexit disruption ripple through the economy. Sounding the alarm for a wide ran...

Cooling inflation gives Bank of England temporary relief

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It must have come as a shock to those who make a living frightening homeowners about the imminent rise in their mortgage interest. Headlines warning of hyperinflation and the threat of higher borrowing costs look a li...

UK inflation falls as clothing and footwear retailers cut prices

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Price cutting by clothing and footwear retailers and cheaper electronic goods helped push down the annual rate of UK inflation by more than expected last month, a partire dal 2.5% per 2%, according to official figures. The retu...

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