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Martin Rowson on rising inflation – cartoon

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Why does the UK have the highest inflation in the G7?

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Britain’s inflation rate has soared to the highest level since the early 1980s. After a record increase in gas and electricity bills in April, inflation is the highest in the G7. Having reached 9% verlede maand, it is ab...

Inflasie kan skole dwing om maaltydporsies of kwaliteit te verminder, sê voedsel firma baas

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Stygende voedselinflasie kan skole dwing om te kies tussen die aanbied van kleiner porsies tydens middagete en die gebruik van goedkoper bestanddele, volgens die baas van een van die VK se grootste voedselgroothandelaars. Andrew Selley, die ...

EU-groeivoorspelling verminder namate oorlog in die Oekraïne inflasie aanwakker

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Die groeivooruitsigte vir die EU is skerp afwaarts hersien nadat Rusland se inval in die Oekraïne die hoop op 'n sterk en volgehoue ​​herstel van Covid-19 oor die volgende twee jaar betaal het.. Stygende energieprys ...

Tory-LP's om die goewerneur van die Bank van Engeland te rooster oor hoë inflasie

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Die goewerneur van die Bank van Engeland, Andrew Bailey, sal Maandag 'n gril van woedende konserwatiewe LP's oor inflasie in die gesig staar, soos kabinetsbronne beweeg het om die opruiende opmerkings oor die Bank se onafhanklikheid te stuit. Die goewerneur...

‘Over-the-top alarmism’: economists dismiss concerns wage rises cause inflation

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The recent spurt in inflation has little do with workers being paid more, economists say, warning the claim that wage increases could set off inflation is “over-the-top alarmism”. Debate over how much the lowest-paid ...

‘Americans have a choice’: Biden offers alternative to ‘ultra-Magainflation plans – video

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Joe Biden spoke about the differences between his government's plan to tacke inflation in the US to the ‘ultra-Maga’ plan put forward by congressional republicans.During the speech on inflation ahead of the midterm el...

Election 2022: Anthony Albanese backs 5.1% minimum wage rise to keep pace with inflation

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Anthony Albanese has endorsed a minimum wage rise of at least 5.1% to keep up with inflation. The Labor leader made the call at a press conference in Melbourne on Tuesday, after earlier equivocating over a union push ...

High UK inflation could last for ‘years rather than months’, warns economist

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The squeeze on British households from high inflation could be bigger and last longer than expected, amid a series of economic shocks from Brexit, Covid and Russia’s war in Ukraine, economists have warned. Michael Sau...

Bank of England ‘duty bound’ to trigger recession to curb inflation

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Britain’s central bank policymakers are “duty bound” when they meet this week to push the UK into recession to cap rising inflation, a former Bank of England (BoE) official has said. Adam Posen, who runs Washington-ba...

Inflation bites hardest in developing world as Ukraine war raises prices

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Prices were rising before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has further disrupted energy markets and food exports, forcing developing countries to pay more to import staples at a time when they are already strugglin...

Turkey’s war with inflation: ‘Prices change daily and everyone is scared’

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From behind the counter in a bakery in Kasımpaşa, a working-class Istanbul neighbourhood, Mustafa Kafadar can see the orange, white and blue banners of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Justice and Development party (AKP) as the...

Democrats fear soaring inflation could bring midterm election losses – live

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Democrats warn president to fix inflation or say goodbye to control of Congress as wholesale prices surge record 11.2% in Maart

Inflation hits 7% in March as Britain’s cost of living soars

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UK households have been warned to brace for the sharpest annual rise in the cost of living since the early 1980s after a bigger-than-expected jump in the official inflation rate to 7% amid record increases in petrol p...

US inflation climbed to 8.5% in Maart, highest rate since 1981

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Prices in the US climbed at their highest rates since 1981, stygende 8.5% over the year to the end of March as the war in Ukraine drove up energy costs for Americans, the labor department announced on Tuesday. The lates...

Lower inflation, better jobs … in France la vie est belle

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While the UK, US and much of the EU are gripped by a cost-of-living crisis heightened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ons sal 'n ander c kies.., President Emmanuel Macron’s “tariff shield” is helping keep a lid on rising prices. Inf...

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