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US children’s Covid vaccinations lag despite record infections

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As the Omicron variant rips through the US, children are being infected with Covid-19 in record numbers – yet their rate of vaccination has lagged, creating a surge in hospitalizations and undermining in-person school...

Pandemic brought ‘dramatic’ fall in English hospital admissions for childhood infections

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Hospital admissions for common childhood infections in England dropped by as much as 94% during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the first major study of its kind. Doctors have previously reported...

Covid live: Omicron will lead to difficult choices, says UK health boss; India reports more than 22,000 infections

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Sajid Javid says Omicron wave of infection will ‘test the limits of finite NHS capacity even more than a typical winter’; India death toll rises by 406

Rapporti NSW 6,288 Covid cases on Christmas Day as Australia hits record infections

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New South Wales has recorded its highest ever Covid daily caseload, con 6,288 new infections announced on Christmas Day, as tens of thousands of Australians are forced into isolation over the festive period. Covid tr...

One in 35 had Covid in England last week as Omicron drives record infections

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The growing wave of Omicron cases has helped drive Covid rates to record highs in England, con uno dentro 35 people now infected across the country and one in 20 infected in London, official figures have shown. Based on ...

UK Omicron infections ‘could reach 1m a day by end of December’

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Britain’s wave of Omicron infections could reach 1m a day by the end of December, the government’s most senior public health adviser has warned amid growing calls to limit Christmas gatherings. Dr Susan Hopkins told M...

US Covid infections rising again as upper midwest sees biggest jump

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America’s Covid-19 infections are climbing again, and could soon hit a weekly average of 100,000 cases a day as daily case reports increase more than 20% across the upper midwest. The fresh worsening of the coronaviru...

UK Covid infections dip but worries remain of ‘significant strain’ on NHS

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Covid infections have fallen across much of the UK, according to official figures, but remain high enough to put the health service under “significant strain” in the months ahead, avvertono gli scienziati. The Office for Natio...

Notizie in diretta Covid: ‘Get booster to save Christmas,’ UK health secretary urges; sharp rise in German infections

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Three million more in England to be invited to get booster next week; Germany reports 23,543 new cases reported in past 24 ore

UK Covid infections are at record levels, but cases may have peaked

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Britain was last week presented with two differing pictures of Covid-19’s spread across the country. Together they suggest infections have reached record levels since the pandemic began but have also raised hopes that...

With Covid infections rising, the Tories are conducting a deadly social experiment

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A pandemic is a political event. It exposes who is vulnerable and who can afford to escape, who is prioritised for treatment and who is neglected. The politics of a pandemic are both large-scale and intensely personal...

Why is it business as usual in England while Covid infections rise?

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Più di 20 months into the Covid pandemic and with a tough winter looming, the public could be excused for having a distinct sense of deja vu. Infection rates are rising sharply, scientists and senior NHS figures ar...

Aggiornamento delle notizie in diretta sull'Australia Covid: record di casi in Victoria; Rapporti NSW 813 infezioni e ACT 52

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Il Queensland registra due nuovi casi; Victoria annuncia il supporto per l'industria delle costruzioni; la grande contea di Shepparton e Moorabool a Victoria e Casino nel NSW di nuovo bloccati. Segui in diretta

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: record del NSW 1,599 cases and eight deaths; Lo riporta Victoria 450 infezioni e ACT 15

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Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk reports five new cases and flags possible lockdown

Aggiornamento in tempo reale sull'Australia Covid: Victoria record 92 new cases as mystery infections grow; NSW relaxes restrictions as cases soar

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Delta cluster emerges in bayside Port Melbourne while mystery cases outpace authorities; NSW allows small weddings despite record numbers. Segui tutte le news del giorno

New Zealand won’t ‘throw in towel’ on Covid-zero strategy despite rising infections

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New Zealand’s Covid response minister says the country will not “throw in the towel” with its elimination strategy, as cases continue to rise. New Zealand announced 63 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, bringing the ...

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