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Actualización en vivo de noticias de Covid de Australia: NSW records 1,599 cases and eight deaths; Victoria reports 450 infections and ACT 15

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Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk reports five new cases and flags possible lockdown

Actualización en vivo de Covid de Australia: Victoria records 92 new cases as mystery infections grow; NSW relaxes restrictions as cases soar

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Delta cluster emerges in bayside Port Melbourne while mystery cases outpace authorities; NSW allows small weddings despite record numbers. Sigue todas las novedades del día

New Zealand won’t ‘throw in towel’ on Covid-zero strategy despite rising infections

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New Zealand’s Covid response minister says the country will not “throw in the towel” with its elimination strategy, as cases continue to rise. New Zealand announced 63 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, bringing the ...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: China reports highest cases since January; India reports lowest infections since March

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China confirms 143 nuevos casos, the highest number since 20 enero; India reports 28,204 infections, lowest since 16 marzo; record hospitalisations in US state of Arkansas

The Delta variant and ‘breakthrough’ infections: should Americans be worried?

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The Delta variant caused an inflection point in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. So-called “breakthrough” cases, or Covid-19 infections in people who have already been vaccinated, upended...

Boris Johnson cautious despite six-day fall in Covid infections – video

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El primer ministro, Boris Johnson, said it was important that people did not draw premature conclusions about several days of better Covid case data and urged the public to remain cautious.'I've noticed that obviously...

How do we know when England has reached a peak in Covid infections?

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While the government’s decision to remove most lockdown measures in England was widely expected to result in a large wave of infection and disease, the number of new cases of Covid-19 has been falling over the last fi...

Actualización de Victoria Covid: cases reach 10-month high, con 22 new local infections

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Victoria has recorded its highest number of local Covid cases in 10 meses, con 22 new cases reported on Wednesday. While it is the highest number of new cases since late 2020, the state’s health minister, Martin Fol...

Rising Covid infections spark fears of pandemic resurgence in US

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Buenos dias. A worrying rise in coronavirus cases in the US and many other places in the world is fueling concerns that the pandemic has come back for another round. El lunes, news about the spread of the highly con...

Dinos: how has the rise in Covid infections affected UK rural areas?

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We would like to find out how rural areas across the UK have been affected by the latest surge in Covid infections. El lunes, England lifted most of its remaining Covid restrictions, while authorities in Scotland, W ...

Indonesia’s daily Covid infections higher than India and Brazil

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Indonesia has reported more daily Covid-19 infections than India and Brazil as the Delta strain sweeps across south-east Asia, placing intense pressure on health systems. Most countries in the region are experiencing ...

Covid live news: Beta variant may evade vaccines, say experts as UK faces ‘protracted’ period of high infections rates

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Beta variant of coronavirus spreading in France may evade vaccines, a scientist involved in advising the UK government has warned

Covid-19 infections rising in California as Delta variant gains ground

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Covid-19 infections in California are on the rise, as public health officials in the US west warn that the more transmissible Delta variant of the coronavirus is fast gaining ground. For the week-long period ending Tu...

Australia to send 2.5m AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Indonesia as Covid infections soar

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Australia will send 2.5m AstraZeneca vaccine doses to Indonesia and will fund 1,000 ventilators as the country battles record-high Covid cases that are pushing the health system to breaking point. The aid package, ann...

Covid ‘perfect storm’ as more patients hit by fungal infections

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A rash of cases of a rare “black fungus” infection affecting thousands of critically ill Covid patients in India caused alarm last month. Now scientists are warning that other dangerous or even deadly fungal infection...

A&E units in UK report rapid rise in children’s infections

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A&E units are treating a sudden surge in young children suffering from infections usually only seen in winter after the rules on social contact were relaxed, doctors have revealed. Anxious parents are bringing in ...

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