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Australia’s Covid surge in four charts: NSW now has one of world’s highest infection rates

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For the past two years, Australia has fought off waves of Covid using strict lockdowns and closed borders. The payoff has been counted in the fatality rate – Australia has had one of the lowest rates of death anywhere...

Boosters are not enough: Britain needs a strong, immediate plan for infection control

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In Sunday evening’s extraordinary televised address, when the prime minister warned that Britain was facing a “tidal wave” of Omicron cases, it was notable that the only focus was the mission to vaccinate the nation w...

Two jabs offer little protection against Omicron infection, UK data shows

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Having two doses of a Covid vaccine offers less defence against symptomatic infection from the Omicron variant than with Delta, experts have said, although a booster jab raises protection considerably. The UK Health S...

Severe Covid infection doubles chances of dying in following year – study

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Patients who survive severe Covid are more than twice as likely to die over the following year than those who remain uninfected or experience milder virus symptoms, a study says. Die navorsing, published in Frontiers i...

Engeland Covid-infeksiesyfers het tussen September en Oktober verdubbel in ouer as 65s

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Covid-infeksiesyfers het ongeveer verdubbel in die ouer as 65's tussen September en Oktober, volgens navorsers by Imperial College in Londen wat waarsku dat die virus van skoolkinders na meer kwesbare ouderdomsgroepe versprei..

Aromatherapy spray sold by Walmart causes deadly bacterial infection

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An aromatherapy spray sold at Walmart has been the cause of at least four bacterial infections that have resulted in at least two deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC conf...

Which protects you more against Covid – vaccination or prior infection?

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In the United States, the issue of whether “natural immunity” from prior infection is as good as vaccination is becoming politicised. Fortunately, the Office for National Statistics has released results from a sophist...

Bill Clinton released from hospital after infection treatment

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Bill Clinton was released Sunday from the Southern California hospital where he had been treated for an infection. The former US president was released around 8am from the University of California Irvine medical cente...

Bill Clinton to remain in hospital as he recovers from urological infection

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The former US president Bill Clinton’s health is improving but he will remain in a California hospital for at least another night to receive antibiotics intravenously for a urological infection that spread to his bloo...

Bill Clinton in die hospitaal in Kalifornië met 'n nie-Covid-infeksie

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Bill Clinton is twee dae gelede in 'n Irvine opgeneem, Kalifornië, hospitaal vir behandeling van 'n 'nie-Covid-infeksie', 'n woordvoerder gesê. 'Dinsdagaand is oudpresident Bill Clinton toegelaat aan die Universiteit van Cal ...

Covid -boosters is belangrik om infeksie te stop, vind Engelse studie

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Wetenskaplikes het mense wat in aanmerking kom, aangemoedig om Covid -boosters te neem nadat 'n groot opname in Engeland meer as drie maande na volledige inenting bewyse van "deurbraakinfeksies" gevind het. Navorsers by Imperial Coll ...

Covid: 37% of people have symptoms six months after infection

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One in three people infected with coronavirus will experience at least one symptom of long Covid, a new study suggests. Much of the existing research into the condition – a mixture of symptoms reported by people often...

12% of English pupils report continuing Covid symptoms weeks after infection

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More than one in 10 pupils and over a third of school staff with Covid continued to suffer symptoms four weeks after infection, according to new data which may shed some light on the scale of long Covid in schools in ...

Teenliggaampies in borsmelk bly vir 10 maande na Covid -infeksie - bestudeer

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Vroue wat borsvoed wat met Covid-19 besmet is, hou steeds virusneutraliserende teenliggaampies in hul melk af tot 10 maande, data dui daarop. Behalwe dat die belangrike rol wat borsvoeding beklemtoon, beklemtoon kan word..

Infection rates are rising, yet the start of the new US school year gives me hope

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There is still a month on the clock until state schools go back in New York, but for plenty of kids in other states in the US – Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee among them – the autumn term started last week. Many scho...

Covid infection level in England falls to one in 75 mense

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Coronavirus infection levels have fallen in England, figures have revealed, reflecting a recent decline in cases while questions have emerged over levels of the virus in vaccinated people. According to figures from th...

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