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Staggering US wealth inequality heaps long-term harm on to minority children

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African American children are suffering long-term disadvantages as a result of vast and growing disparities in the wealth of US families, with Black families with kids having access to barely 1 cent for every dollar e...

Wishful thinking will not close Britain’s widening inequality gap

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Optimism helps get us through tough times, and the Covid pandemic has had plenty of those. The recent reopening of the UK economy has provided grounds for optimism, with firms hiring at a swift pace. But wishful think...

The Guardian view on global vaccine inequality: unwise as well as unethical

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The statistics are stark and shaming. During an exasperated intervention earlier this week, the World Health Organization’s director general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, pointed out that of 4.8bn Covid vaccine doses d...

A-level and GCSE results show pandemic has widened inequality

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With A-level and GCSE results now published, we’ve learned how much England’s education system relies on exam results, and how many of society’s inequalities have been made more extreme. It’s long been known that inde...

Americans deeply divided over US progress on racial inequality, il rapporto trova

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As racial reckoning and critical race theory continue to dominate headlines across the US, a new report by the Pew Research Center found that many Americans remain deeply divided over the nation’s progress in addressi...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: South Korea reports record new cases; WHO calls for end to ‘disgraceful’ vaccine inequality

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South Korea confirms 2,200 new cases in one day; WHO calls on 20 most powerful world leaders to end vaccine inequality

Gross inequality stoked the violence in South Africa. It’s a warning to us all

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‘It feels qualitatively different this time.” There are few people I know in South Africa who don’t think this about the carnage now engulfing the nation. Violence was institutionalised during the years of apartheid. ...

BME people in England still facing racial inequality, il rapporto dice

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A comprehensive review on race equality in England has warned that the government’s approach is at risk of failing international human rights obligations. The report, compiled by the Runnymede Trust using evidence fro...

Billions pledged to tackle gender inequality at UN forum

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Billions of pounds will be pledged to support efforts to tackle gender inequality this week at the largest international conference on women’s rights in more than 25 anni. The Generation Equality Forum, hosted in Par...

How America’s treeless streets are fueling inequality

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Every weekday at 6am, 68-year-old Ana Adelea-Lopez walks through her Houston neighborhood to the bus stop. On the way, she passes a series of apartment complexes, telephone poles and metal fences on a long stretch of ...

Vaccine inequality: how rich countries cut Covid deaths as poorer fall behind

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Developed countries are seeing the benefits of quickly vaccinating their populations, but concerns remain about the unequal share of global vaccine supplies Mon 28 Jun 2021 05.08 EDT ...

Passare a più lavoro da casa dopo il Covid "peggiorerà la disuguaglianza di genere"

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Il passaggio permanente a più lavoro da casa in seguito alla pandemia causerà un aumento della disuguaglianza di genere sul posto di lavoro, secondo gli esperti, a meno che i datori di lavoro non controllino attentamente le loro nuove politiche di lavoro per assicurarsi che w...

Vaccine inequality exposed by dire situation in world’s poorest nations

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Only 1% del 1.3 billion vaccines injected around the world have been administered in Africa – and that comparative percentage has been declining in recent weeks. It is a stark figure that underlines just how seriou...

Tackling cross-country inequality is the key to global stability

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What is remarkable about the increase in nationalist sentiment across the developed world in recent years is that it is occurring at a time when many of today’s most pressing challenges, including the climate emergenc...

Greta Thunberg condanna la disuguaglianza dei vaccini tra paesi ricchi e poveri

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L'attivista per il clima adolescente Greta Thunberg ha sollecitato i governi, sviluppatori di vaccini e il mondo per "intensificare il loro gioco" per combattere la disuguaglianza del vaccino dopo che i paesi più ricchi hanno acquistato la maggior parte delle dosi di vaccino Covid-19 e t ...

US to enter a post-Covid boom ‘torn by income inequality,’ says JP Morgan boss

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The US has been “torn and crippled by politics, as well as racial and income inequality” but is about to enter a post-pandemic boom, according to JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon. In his annual letter to shareholders Dimon,...

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