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China industrial output and retail sales surge in Covid-19 rebound – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Colorado’s ‘rebel’ farmers – ‘I’d like to see industrial farming go extinct’

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Last September, Jake Takiff, a farmer in Hotchkiss, Colorado, posted a photo of himself on Instagram standing next to a dead sow tied up by its hind feet. The post pays tribute to Fat Auntie’s prolific litters, how sh...

Existential challenges from China, climate and more demand new US industrial policy

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America is about to revive an idea that was left for dead decades ago. It’s called industrial policy and it’s at the heart of Joe Biden’s plans to restructure the US economy. When industrial policy was last debated, ...

GPs in England threaten industrial action over in-person appointments

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GPs in England are threatening industrial action in protest at the government’s attempt to force them to see any patient who wants a face-to-face appointment. The British Medical Association’s GPs committee voted unan...

How LaVar and LaMelo Ball outsmarted the student-athlete industrial complex

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Late last Sunday, as we the punters were still smarting from the chaos of the NCAA tournament’s opening rounds, came more distressing news from the NBA: LaMelo Ball, the Charlotte Hornets’ dazzling young point guard, ...

Leicester University staff vote for industrial action over job cuts

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Staff at the University of Leicester have voted in favour of industrial action, including a potential boycott of marking and assessments, amid a “tsunami of dissent” over compulsory redundancies. The University and Co...

MPs criticise ministers’ failure to plan industrial policy

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The government’s failure to set out an industrial policy agenda has left UK businesses unclear about the future at a time when a green economic recovery is urgent, according to MPs on the business, energy and industri...

Nearly half of Britain’s biodiversity has gone since industrial revolution

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Almost half of Britain’s natural biodiversity has disappeared over the centuries, with farming and urban spread triggered by the industrial and agricultural revolutions being blamed as major factors for this loss. Tha...

Paedophile’s ‘industrial scale’ blackmail scam targeted 2,000 vittime

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A paedophile who exploited and blackmailed almost 2,000 victims globally has admitted 158 charges in what has been described as “industrial-scale” offending. Abdul Elahi, 26, admitted a host of charges – thought to be...

The Guardian view on Sunak’s task: build a society fit for industrial change

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Ultimo agosto, Rishi Sunak was so confident that Covid was banished he said the furlough had to go. Di 4 million workers would have either been forced to return to their jobs or found they had no job at all. “It’s wr...

Why the UK government really abolished its own Industrial Strategy Council

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The government’s old industry strategy – the one inherited from Theresa May’s administration – was “a pudding without a theme”, Kwasi Kwarteng, the business secretary, said the other day as he sang the praises of the ...