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Indian domestic workers lose their jobs to Covid fears

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The job paid a pittance, with two days off a month, and sometimes the mistress of the house would call out as part-time cleaner Noor Jahan was almost out of the door “just massage my feet before you leave” – an extra ...

Tax raids target Indian paper that criticised government over Covid

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Tax raids have been carried out on the offices of one of India’s most popular newspapers, after months of critical coverage of the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. On Thursday morning, più di 100 tax...

‘Absence of humanity’: Melbourne couple jailed for keeping Indian woman as a slave for eight years

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A woman who has shown no remorse, regret or sorrow for holding another woman captive as a slave for eight years in Melbourne has been sentenced to a jail term of the same length. Kumuthini Kannan was found to be more ...

Key Modi rival Rahul Gandhi among potential Indian targets of NSO client

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The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s most prominent political rival, the opposition figure Rahul Gandhi, was twice selected as a potential surveillance target in leaked phone number data, making him one of dozens...

Selfie-takers among dead, say Indian police, as lightning kills 38

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Police say people taking selfies near a watchtower at the 12th-century Amber Fort in the Indian city of Jaipur were among 11 who died after being struck by lightning. Senior police officer Anand Srivastava said a furt...

Dilip Kumar, Bollywood legend and ‘tragedy king’ of Indian cinema, muore invecchiato 98

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Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar, who was a defining figure in post-independence Indian cinema, has died aged 98. Kumar had been taken to hospital in Mumbai last week suffering breathlessness, but died early Wednesday mor...

‘Drag is political’: the pioneering Indian event uniting art and activism

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Two years ago, in early June 2019, a young man stepped on stage at a small cafe in the south Indian city of Hyderabad to sing Lady Gaga’s hit song Born This Way. He had chosen that song for the line “don’t be a drag, ...

La star indiana dell'atletica Milkha Singh muore dopo aver contratto il Covid, invecchiato 91

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Milkha Singh, una delle prime superstar sportive indiane, è morto per complicazioni legate al Covid. È stato 91. Singh, che era popolarmente conosciuto come il Flying Sikh Flying, è morto nella tarda serata di venerdì in un ospedale della città dell'India settentrionale...

Trouble in paradise: Indian islands face ‘brazen’ new laws and Covid crisis

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According to local people, the problems for Lakshadweep, an archipelago of paradise islands in southern India, began the day the new government-appointed administrator, Praful Khoda Patel, landed on a charter flight. ...

Indian authors speak out over plan to reissue Narendra Modi exam book

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Leading Indian authors Pankaj Mishra and Arundhati Roy have spoken out against Penguin Random House India’s decision to publish and promote a book by Narendra Modi during the country’s coronavirus crisis, with Mishra ...

Notizie dal vivo su Covid nel Regno Unito: latest data on Indian variant offers ‘glimmer of hope’, dice esperto

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Prof Neil Ferguson says while variant does seem to be more transmissible, it may end up being slightly less than the feared 50%

Moschea indiana rasa al suolo in barba all'ordine dell'alta corte

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Un'amministrazione locale nello stato indiano dell'Uttar Pradesh ha sfidato un ordine dell'alta corte statale e ha demolito una moschea, in una delle azioni più provocatorie intraprese contro un luogo di culto musulmano dai tempi del demolit ...

Ignore lockdown easing to curb Indian Covid variant, health experts urge

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People should ignore Monday’s easing of lockdown and avoid socialising indoors in pubs and restaurants to prevent the new Covid-19 variant first detected in India sparking a third wave of the disease, health experts s...

Covid live: Matt Hancock says ‘high degree of confidence’ vaccines work against Indian variant, but urges caution

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UK health secretary says England will not make decision on further unlocking scheduled for 21 June until a week before

The Observer view on the spread of the Indian variant in the UK

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‘Data, not dates.” This was the approach Boris Johnson promised to take when he announced the roadmap out of lockdown for England in February. Finora, the data has allowed the prime minister to meet the target dates f...

Johnson: Indian Covid variant could jeopardise June reopening – video

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The Indian Covid variant could pose a threat to England’s roadmap out of lockdown, Boris Johnson warned, as he announced that second vaccinations for the over-50s would be accelerated to combat its spread. ‘The race b...

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