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The UK’s 50 most fabulous independent shops

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This heritage clothes brand’s niche is reviving the nautical styles traditionally worn on the Yorkshire coastline where it is situated. It was started in 2016 by Matthew Pugh (“With £500 in my pocket for stock and a d...

MLS huur firma vir onafhanklike hersiening van Whitecaps ná Guardian-ondersoek

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Major League Soccer het Janice Rubin en Melody Jahanzadeh van Rubin Thomlinson LLP betrek om 'n onafhanklike oorsig te doen van die Vancouver Whitecaps se hantering van wangedragbewerings wat deur lede van die organisasie gebring is..

MLS to hold independent inquiry of Whitecaps after Guardian investigation

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Major League Soccer said Friday it will hire independent counsel to oversee an investigation into the Vancouver Whitecaps’ handling of misconduct allegations against former women’s coach Hubert Busby Jr, currently coa...

UK’s independent shops record first rise in four years as chains suffer

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Independent retailers and food outlets are stepping into the gaps left by chain stores on the UK’s high streets, retail parks and in shopping centres, driving the first rise in their numbers in four years. A net total...

Michael Winterbottom: why British independent cinema resembles an abandoned building site

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My motive for writing a book was selfish. I’d been making films for a quarter of a century and, at the start of last year, I wanted to step back and think about the way I was working. A book was a useful excuse to sp...

Black barrister to lead independent police oversight board

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Police chiefs hoping to pull themselves out of a race crisis have appointed a new tsar who has previously said black people fear calling on officers for help. Barrister Abimbola Johnson will chair a new independent sc...

Decision to adopt independent complaints process will create safer parliament, Brittany Higgins says

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Former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins has welcomed the Morrison government’s decision to adopt an independent complaints mechanism for serious incidents in Parliament House, which is the central recommendation of th...

English football needs independent regulator, says chair of fan-led review

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The prospect of a government legislating to impose an independent regulator on England’s most popular and successful sport has moved closer than ever after it was recommended by Tracey Crouch, chair of the government’...

Best-paid gig in town rains down £12m a head – but are the non-exes still independent?

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Sommige 166 millionaires were created in the City on Wednesday. Wel, streng gesproke, the fortunes of the investment professionals at the private equity firm Bridgepoint were not “created” in a single stroke. Rather, ...

National Grid to lose Great Britain electricity role to independent operator

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The government plans to strip National Grid of its role keeping Great Britain’s lights on as part of a proposed “revolution’” in the electricity network driven by smart digital technologies. The FTSE 100 company has p...

FA commissions independent review into Euro 2020 final Wembley chaos

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The Football Association has commissioned an independent review to investigate the trouble which marred England’s Euro 2020 final defeat by Italy. The FA has announced it informed the Department for Digital, Kultuur, ...

Head of Independent Sage to launch international climate change group

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Several of the world’s leading scientists plan to launch an independent expert group this week to advise, warn and criticise global policymakers about the climate and nature crises. The new body has been inspired by I...

10 of the best independent record shops in London

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The past 14 months have been brutal for all retailers, but independent record shops have had it tougher than most. Not only were shops closed for much of the past year but, since reopening, the lack of tourists and of...

Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford college should go, says independent report

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A independent commission set up to examine the future of Oxford University’s controversial statue of British imperialist Cecil Rhodes has recommended its removal. The commission was set up last June after Oxford Unive...

‘Time to act’: Former players demand independent regulator for football

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A number of leading voices within football, including Micah Richards, Gary Lineker and Gary Neville, have a launched a campaign to secure an independent regulator for the English game. Maandag, the collection of for...

Girl who uses wheelchair deemed to have no mobility concerns by NDIS independent assessment

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A nine-year-old girl who sometimes uses a wheelchair was described as not having mobility concerns in a report prepared for the National Disability Insurance Scheme trial of independent assessments. As debate continue...

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