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Nicola Sturgeon urges SNP to resist Brexit arguments against independence

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Westminster will use the damage inflicted by Brexit to argue that Scottish independence is unworkable, Nicola Sturgeon has said, calling on her party activists to “resist [this] with all we’ve got”. In her address to ...

No independence referendum until Covid restrictions lifted, Sturgeon says

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A second referendum on Scottish independence will not be held until all day-to-day Covid restrictions have been lifted, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The first minister has repeatedly pledged to hold another poll by the e...

Nicola Sturgeon starts work on a new push for Scottish independence

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Nicola Sturgeon has told civil servants to start making a new case for independence, which offers people “an informed choice on Scotland’s future” in the Scottish government’s first legislative programme since last mo...

Connected and protected: how a smartwatch gave my child independence

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My little boy is all grown up. It’s hard enough to see Michael shoot up from the tiny acorn he was, always by my side, to suddenly being nine years old. But here’s a milestone they don’t tell you about in parenting bo...

How to give your kids more freedom: seven days in the life of a nine-year-old exploring independence

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When Daddy told me I was going to be getting a cool new Neo smartwatch and showed me some pictures of what it would look like I was really, really excited. It looked like the sort of watch a spy or secret agent wears....

Scottish court drops extradition case of Catalan independence campaigner

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An extradition case against a Catalan academic and independence campaigner, Clara Ponsatí, has been dropped by a Scottish court after she moved to Belgium. A sheriff in Edinburgh halted an extradition request from the...

The Guardian view on Ukraine’s independence celebration: shadowed by insecurity

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Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, could be forgiven for cursing his luck as the country celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence from the former Soviet Union. Martedì, Mr Zelenskiy presided over ...

Scottish independence vote will happen if public wants it, says Michael Gove

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The UK government would not stand in the way of another vote on Scottish independence if it is the “settled will” of voters, Michael Gove has said. Westminster has repeatedly rejected requests from the Scottish govern...

The BBC faces major challenges from the government to its independence

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La settimana scorsa, Britain’s media regulator Ofcom published a call to action for a “stronger system of public media”, which urged a “radical” move towards digitisation, and potential extra fiscal support for certain areas su...

Police investigate SNP over independence campaign cash claims

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Police are investigating allegations the Scottish National party mishandled hundreds of thousands of pounds raised for independence campaigns yet to take place. Police Scotland said it had begun a criminal investigati...

‘Brexit changed everything’: revisiting the case for Scottish independence

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Val McDermidSome time before Donald Trump lied his way into the White House, the Scottish people were the victims of their own Big Lie. Ahead of the 2014 independence referendum, the Unionist campaigners told us time ...

La vedova di Jeremy Heywood mette in dubbio l'indipendenza del capo dell'inchiesta Greensill

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La vedova dell'uomo che era il più alto funzionario del Regno Unito durante i primi anni dello scandalo lobbistico di Greensill ha sollevato preoccupazioni sull'indipendenza del funzionario incaricato da Boris Johnson di condurre un'inchiesta i..

Murdoch seeks to remove editorial independence rules at the Times

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Rupert Murdoch has asked the government to abolish the legal restraints on him interfering in the editorial independence of the Times and the Sunday Times that were put in place when he first bought the newspapers. In...

Spanish government set to pardon nine Catalan independence leaders

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Spain’s socialist-led government will on Tuesday approve the deeply controversial pardons of the nine Catalan independence leaders who were jailed over their roles in the illegal, failed attempt to secede from the res...

Scottish independence referendum battle is ‘big distraction’ from Covid, says Gove

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Speculation about whether Downing Street will take the Scottish government to court to prevent it legislating for a second independence referendum is a “massive distraction” from pandemic recovery, Michael Gove has sa...

Elezioni 2021 vivere: SNP eyes new independence referendum; backlash within Labour after Rayner sacking

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: key developments from the UK’s 2021 devolved and local elections

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