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'È uno schiaffo in faccia': Gli attivisti di Los Angeles protestano contro l'aumento del budget della polizia del sindaco

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Gli attivisti di Los Angeles hanno denunciato una proposta di budget del sindaco che include aumenti al budget delle forze dell'ordine, un giorno dopo che la condanna di Derek Chauvin a Minneapolis ha alimentato un rinnovato controllo della polizia ...

‘You’re not geriatric at 35’: women on the eggs, embryos and sperm storage limit increase

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The 10-year storage limit for freezing embryos, eggs and sperm will be replaced with a right for individuals or couples to keep them for up to a maximum of 55 anni. While being a welcome change for many, there are co...

Al Gore ‘disappointed’ Scott Morrison didn’t increase Australia’s 2030 emissions target

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The former US vice president Al Gore has criticised the Morrison government for failing to increase the ambition of Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target and warned coal workers to be deeply sceptical about “hol...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie dall'Australia: Barnaby Joyce tests positive for Covid; increase in NSW cases linked to more parties; Omicron could become dominant strain

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Deputy prime minister returns positive Covid test in the US; woman dies in floodwaters in Brisbane; a trivia night at a Sydney pub is the source of a new Covid cluster after 44 people were diagnosed with the virus. Fo...

Australian ad showing Covid patient gasping for air ‘could increase vaccine hesitancy’

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A new Australian government Covid awareness advertisement featuring a young woman gasping for air in a hospital bed has been criticised for leaning into scare tactics and for urging vaccination among a group who are s...

Il proprietario di BA IAG aumenta i voli ma le perdite raggiungono i 2 miliardi di euro

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Proprietario di British Airways, International Airlines Group, ha annunciato l'intenzione di riportare gradualmente più aerei nei cieli dopo aver riportato un fatturato di 2 miliardi di euro (£ 1,7 miliardi) sconfitta per la prima metà di 2021. International Airlines Group (IAG ...

California: strong winds increase danger of fresh wildfires around the state

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Blustery winds surged through California, raising fears of fresh wildfires as red flag warnings of dangerous fire conditions continues in mountains, valleys, canyons and deserts. At least a half-dozen fires erupted ar...

Capita to close more offices as working from home options increase

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The outsourcing company Capita is planning to close more offices and extend flexible working for its staff as it uses experience gained from operating through coronavirus lockdowns to seek further cost savings. Capita...

Coalition told it must hugely increase clean energy investment beyond hydrogen, carbon storage promise

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The Morrison government has been warned it needs to massively increase investment in clean technology if it is serious about its “technology, not taxes” climate policy after promising $540m for “clean” hydrogen and ca...

Coronavirus in diretta: UK reports 8,125 nuovi casi, highest increase since February; Germany to lift travel warnings

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UK also reports 17 deaths as infection rate rises; Germany to update travel guidance for tourists heading to most countries

Corruption allegations increase pressure on Bolsonaro

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Il presidente brasiliano, Jair Bolsonaro, has come under further pressure after being personally implicated in an alleged corruption racket involving the supposed misappropriation of his workforce’s wages. Bolsonaro, un...

I passaporti Covid potrebbero aumentare la diffusione del vaccino, lo studio suggerisce

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I passaporti del coronavirus potrebbero portare a una maggiore diffusione dei vaccini, soprattutto tra i giovani, uno studio suggerisce. Una ricerca dell'Università di Oxford ha scoperto che la certificazione Covid-19 ha portato ad un aumento dell'assorbimento del jab 20 giorni ...

Decline in UK Covid rates slowing with possible increase in some areas – studia

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The coronavirus is still around and dangerous and people should keep to the rules, the health secretary Matt Hancock has warned, as new data showed a slowing in the decline of infections and a possible slight increase...

Fears climate crisis could increase allergy season severity by up to 60%

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The climate emergency could increase future allergy season severity by up to 60%, a new pollen forecasting system suggests, while a separate system could predict the severity of grass pollen seasons months in advance....

Increase for UK’s lowest-paid workers comes as household bills rise

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Approximately 2 million of the UK’s lowest-paid workers will receive a raise from Thursday after increases to statutory minimum wage rates. tuttavia, many workers are unlikely to feel better off as the pay rise comes o...

Increase in UK state pension age to 68 could come eight years early

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Millions of people born in the 1970s may have to wait longer to collect their UK state pensions if a government review, which was announced this week, recommends bringing forward plans for a retirement age of 68. Il ...

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