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UK’s energy crisis response could include winter power cuts

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Businesses and even consumers could face blackouts this winter under government crisis plans as concerns grow over power supplies, dit het na vore gekom. Under the government’s latest “reasonable worst case scenario”, offici...

Labour MP in bid to include right to abortion in British bill of rights

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The Labour MP Stella Creasy has said she will table an amendment to the forthcoming British bill of rights to give women the fundamental right to an abortion. Creasy said she would expect MPs to be given a free vote o...

Queen se toespraak gaan onderdrukking van ongereguleerde skole insluit

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'n Beplande onderdrukking van onveilige of ongereguleerde onafhanklike skole sal na verwagting in volgende week se Koningin se toespraak ingesluit word, insluitend die dreigement van tronkstraf en onbeperkte boetes vir eienaars wat beveiliging ignoreer..

The language of maternity is alive and well – so why not expand it to include trans parents?

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“Hey, Mama!” This is how I was greeted by a friendly member of staff every morning during my week-long stay in hospital after my baby’s birth. Theoretically, I had had my whole pregnancy to get used to the idea of bei...

Plans for England’s schools include national behaviour survey

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Ministers are to launch a new national behaviour survey as part of its plans to improve standards and lift attainment in schools in England. It is one of a package of measures outlined in a schools white paper unveile...

Lewis Hamilton to change name to include mother Carmen’s surname

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Lewis Hamilton has revealed he is in the process of changing his name. The seven-time world champion says he intends to incorporate his mother Carmen’s original surname, Larbalestier, alongside Hamilton. Hamilton’s fa...

Priti Patel’s search for new Met police chief could include overseas candidates

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Could the UK’s most powerful police officer be brought in from outside the force? Or might Priti Patel look even farther afield – to Australia, or even the United States – instead of recruiting from within Scotland Ya...

Winter chores include keeping the birds well fed

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At first light the first woodpecker comes. And then the female pheasant. With or without her fat comic mate. Feeding under the feeders. I always overfill and scatter nuts and seed around for ground-feeding birds. Crus...

‘They don’t include Native voices’: tribes fight to ensure their votes count

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In a small unadorned conference room in the North Dakota state capitol, Collette Brown, a representative for the Spirit Lake Nation, stood up on 26 August to testify on behalf of the 7,559 members of her federally rec...

Na berig word, is Haïtiane wat in die VSA vrygelaat word, swanger vroue en gesinne

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Drie uur nadat hy uit 'n reuse -migrantekamp onder 'n internasionale brug bevry is, Mackenson Veillard het buite 'n vulstasie gestaan ​​en sy skielike geluk bereken terwyl hy en sy swanger vrou wag ...

'Vryheidsdag sluit my nie in nie': vir sommige, die einde van die inperking sal 'n tyd van vrees wees

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'In die padkaart na vryheid, Ek hoor niks van mense soos ek nie, behalwe as 'n kwalifiserende naskrif vir die sterftes van Covid: 'Maar hulle het 'n onderliggende gesondheidstoestand gehad',”Sê Racquel Sherry. 'Vryheidsdag hou nie in nie ....

Winter plan: wat bevat die regering se gereedskapstel om Covid te bekamp??

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Boris Johnson het die regering se "herfs- en winterplan" aangekondig om 'n verwagte styging in Covid -infeksiesyfers die komende maande te bekamp, met 'n gereedskapstel van beperkings wat in Engeland ingestel kan word, i ...

My summer of love: ‘As a practising Muslim, my soulmate checklist didn’t include lapsed-Catholics covered in tattoos’

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About five years ago, I had an unsolicited romance with a guy who was the exact opposite of what I’d been looking for. I was in the north of England to attend a weekend symposium with creatives from all over the world...

Octopuses and lobsters have feelings – include them in sentience bill, urge MPs

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Octopuses and lobsters have feelings and should be included in the animal sentience bill, a group of Conservative MPs has said. The influential Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation (CAWF), which counts Carrie Johnso...

Delta variant Covid symptoms ‘include headaches, sore throat and runny nose’

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Headaches, a sore throat and a runny nose are the most common symptoms associated with the UK’s most widely established Covid variant, researchers have said. The data, collected as part of the app-based Zoe Covid symp...