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Newcastle urge fans to avoid ‘culturally inappropriate’ clothing at games

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Newcastle have asked fans celebrating the club’s Saudi-backed takeover not to wear Arabic-style clothing for matches in case it causes offence to others. Some fans wore traditional robes and others headdresses for Sun...

Bill Gates reportedly advised to end inappropriate emails with female employee in 2008

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Bill Gates was allegedly advised in 2008 by executives at the company to halt inappropriate communication with a female employee, según un nuevo informe. The claims, published by the Wall Street Journal, are the la...

Ministro, esto es inapropiado!: Político español provoca polémica tras comentarios sobre turismo volcánico

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El ministro de Turismo de España ha sido acusado de insensibilidad después de sugerir que una erupción volcánica devastadora y en curso en la isla canaria de La Palma podría usarse como una "atracción" para atraer a los visitantes al archipiélago..

Schools in Andrew Laming’s electorate told his request for Naplan data was ‘inappropriate’

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Andrew Laming wrote to schools in his electorate using his Liberal MP letterhead to request early Naplan data for private research for his doctoral thesis, prompting a complaint from the teachers’ union. The Queenslan...