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Newcastle urge fans to avoid ‘culturally inappropriate’ clothing at games

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Newcastle have asked fans celebrating the club’s Saudi-backed takeover not to wear Arabic-style clothing for matches in case it causes offence to others. Some fans wore traditional robes and others headdresses for Sun...

Bill Gates het glo aangeraai om onvanpaste e-posse met vroulike werknemer in te beëindig 2008

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Bill Gates is na bewering ingelig 2008 deur bestuurders by die maatskappy om onvanpaste kommunikasie met 'n vroulike werknemer te stop, volgens 'n nuwe verslag. Die eise, gepubliseer deur die Wall Street Journal, is die la...

Minister, this is inappropriate!: Spanish politician sparks row after volcano tourism remarks

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Spain’s tourism minister has been accused of insensitivity after suggesting a devastating and ongoing volcanic eruption on the Canary island of La Palma could be used as an “attraction” to lure visitors to the archipe...

Schools in Andrew Laming’s electorate told his request for Naplan data was ‘inappropriate’

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Andrew Laming wrote to schools in his electorate using his Liberal MP letterhead to request early Naplan data for private research for his doctoral thesis, prompting a complaint from the teachers’ union. The Queenslan...