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‘Inadequate’: Covid breaches on the rise in Australia’s hotel quarantine

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Breaches of Australia’s quarantine system have substantially increased this year, with data showing there have been as many leaks recorded in the past three months as there were last year. There have been up to 30 bre...

Grenfell smoke ventilation ‘woefully inadequate’, ondersoek vertel

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The smoke ventilation system at Grenfell Tower was “woefully inadequate”, breached building regulations and likely contributed to deaths, the inquiry into the disaster has heard. The network of ducts and vents was sup...

Wednesday briefing: Covid catch-up plan for students ‘inadequate’

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Hallo, Warren Murray with an infusion of news in concentrated form. Pupils are to be offered an extra 100m hours of tuition under a £1.4bn post-pandemic catch-up plan. It is only about a tenth of the £15bn overall sp...

Thirty-year sentence for man who raped and murdered international student inadequate, Melbourne court hears

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A man sentenced to at least 30 years’ jail for the rape and murder of an international student should face more time behind bars because of the risk to the community upon his release, a Melbourne court has heard. Die ...

Mason Lee: child safety officers suffered ‘manifestly inadequate’ consequences over toddler’s death

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Child safety officers suffered “manifestly inadequate” consequences over the death of toddler Mason Jet Lee, Queensland’s public service watchdog says.
 Mason died after his mother’s boyfriend struck him so hard in th...