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Paddy Considine: ‘I feel like an impostor acting – this is what I love’

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Were you to pass a small house on an estate in Burton upon Trent some time in the early 80s, you may have seen a young boy standing at the top right-hand window, singing and dancing with all he had. “I’d put Adam and ...

Esperienza: I tracked down my impostor

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I’ve been an academic since 2013. I am a senior lecturer in art history, and director of US studies at the University of Essex. What drove me towards an academic career was my interest in tattooing. There is a very sm...

Britain’s Covid-era university students may suffer ‘impostor syndrome’

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New students are more likely to suffer “impostor syndrome” because they have won their place at university on the back of teacher-assessed A-level grades and not exams, a new study has warned. Undergraduates arriving ...

‘I thought: “Everyone knows you’re not a real mum”’ – the pain of parental impostor syndrome

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As a mother to three boys, there are many days when I question the decisions I make. A volte, the weight of that – the idea your child’s wellbeing and happiness rests with you – can feel crippling. Allo stesso tempo,...