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Fibromyalgia may be a condition of the immune system not the brain – study

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Fibromyalgia – a poorly understood condition that causes widespread pain throughout the body and extreme tiredness – may be caused by be an autoimmune response that increases the activity of pain-sensing nerves throug...

Mixing Covid vaccines offers strong immune protection – study

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Having different Covid vaccines for first and second shots produces a strong immune response to the virus, according to research that will help improve the resilience of vaccine programmes around the world. Scientists...

Covid distancing may have weakened children’s immune system, dicono gli esperti

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Scientists are concerned that measures to combat Covid-19 have weakened the immune systems of young children who have not been able to build up resistance to common bugs, leaving them vulnerable when mask-wearing and ...

‘No country immune’ from UK’s aid cuts, says Raab

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The UK foreign secretary, Domenico Raab, has told MPs that “no country is immune” from the impending aid cuts, but failed to clarify when specific plans would be made public. Speaking after the release of the first det...

Athena Kugblenu: ‘The more you get cancelled, the more immune you are to it’

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“If real life was like social media, it would look like The Good Place,” says standup Athena Kugblenu, referring to the sitcom about an afterlife so airbrushed and virtuous it is too good to be true. “If people say th...