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Ex-Tory minister seeks end to immigration fees for overseas veterans

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A former Conservative defence minister is trying to force ministers to waive hefty immigration fees faced by Commonwealth soldiers and their families who want to live in the UK at the end of their military service. Jo...

UK warned not to replicate Australia’s immigration detention centres

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Two former detainees in Australia’s notorious offshore immigration detention centres have issued a “dire warning” to UK parliamentarians ahead of a vote to replicate these centres this week. They are urging MPs not to...

Immigration hardliner Karl Nehammer to take over as Austrian leader

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Austria’s ruling conservatives have picked the interior minister, an immigration hardliner, to lead them and the nation after a wave of resignations by senior officials set off by Sebastian Kurz. Karl Nehammer succeed...

Immigration officers contributed to death of asylum seeker, inquest finds

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Home Office immigration enforcement officers who raided a carwash and chased a 23-year-old asylum seeker before he fell through a roof contributed to his death, una giuria di inchiesta ha trovato. Mustafa Dawood sustained fata...

Brexit and UK immigration policy ‘increasing risks to trafficking victims’

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A damning new report on trafficking in the UK has warned that Brexit and the Home Office’s new plan for immigration are increasing the risks to trafficking victims. The report has also found links between terrorism an...

Thousands of potential trafficking victims held in immigration centres, i dati mostrano

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Più di 4,500 people have been held in immigration detention in the UK before being released into the community and only then identified as potential victims of trafficking, official figures for the past five years ...

No One Gets Out Alive – a stylish Netflix immigration horror

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Buried in the middle of a drab and unremarkable glut of factory-made Netflix genre product, gothic chiller No One Gets Out Alive elevates itself from the pack almost immediately. It’s a film made with a lick of style ...

Prossimo: relax immigration rules or we could struggle in run-up to Christmas

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The fashion and homeware chain Next has warned it may struggle to deliver its normal service in the run-up to Christmas unless the UK government relaxes post-Brexit migration restrictions to allow more workers into th...

Martin Rowson on the Tories’ immigration hokey-cokey – cartoon

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The rightwing US textbooks that teach slavery as ‘black immigration’

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One history textbook exclusively refers to immigrants as “aliens”. Another blames the Black Lives Matter movement for strife between communities and police officers. A third discusses the prevalence of “black supremac...

Why is British cinema so reluctant to tackle immigration?

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“Bet you never thought you’d end up here pal, eh?” says a Scottish islander to Syrian refugee Omar in the new movie Limbo. The place looks idyllic, but if you’re an asylum seeker waiting for your application to be pro...

Combat staff shortages by relaxing Brexit immigration rules, says CBI

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The UK’s biggest business lobby group has called on the government to relax post-Brexit immigration rules to help companies struggling with staff shortages to hire more workers from overseas. The Confederation of Brit...

Call for Spain to regularise immigration status of man who twice saved strangers

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Più di 1,800 people have backed a call for Spanish officials to regularise the immigration status of an undocumented Senegalese man after his second rescue of a stranger from drowning in the main river in Bilbao. ...

‘On the edge’: Are New Zealand’s tough immigration rules harming the economy?

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A febbraio 2020, Craig Hurn, 53, temporarily left his wife and daughter in Cape Town to scope out the job market in New Zealand. After beating six other candidates for one job, he secured an essential skills visa and...

‘Locals don’t like this job’: New Zealand’s aged care sector fears immigration reform

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At the end of an eight-hour shift in a Wellington rest home, Joan Lagman feels exhilarated and exhausted. The 39-year-old caregiver from the Philippines has fed, clothed, toileted and showered the five elderly charges...

US immigration: humanitarian groups tasked with picking asylum seekers

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The Biden administration has quietly tasked six humanitarian groups with recommending which migrants should be allowed to stay in the US, instead of being rapidly expelled from the country under federal pandemic-relat...

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