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Vaquita porpoise could survive … but only if illegal fishing stops immediately

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Scientists studying the DNA of the world’s smallest cetacean and rarest marine mammal, the vaquita porpoise, have made a surprising and bittersweet discovery. With a tiny population of fewer than 10 individuals left, ...

Liz Truss warns Russia could launch Ukraine invasion ‘almost immediately’ - video

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Vladimir Putin could launch an invasion of Ukraine 'almost immediately', the foreign secretary has warned after chairing a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee. Liz Truss repeated a call for Britons t...

‘You immediately tell your friends to cancel their tickets’ – what’s it like to star in a flop?

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[object Window], TV shows and books can all get terrible reviews and small audiences, but the difference when this happens in theatre is that the actors have to go back on stage and remake the work just after critics have decl...

Reservation Dogs: the trippy teen comedy you’ll want to rewatch immediately

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No more satisfying a setting for a TV show than “scratched-out craptown peopled by criminal-leaning eccentrics”, is there? That was the exact formula for Shameless, then Shameless again, ma (and this is a non-exhaust...

Foreign Office tells Britons in Afghanistan to leave immediately

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Ministers are advising all UK nationals in Afghanistan to leave the country because of the “worsening security situation” but have warned people “not to rely” on the Foreign Office for evacuations. The Foreign, Common...