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Roniel Iglesias joins elite Olympic group after beating Pat McCormack to gold

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Roniel Iglesias, the brilliant Cuban veteran, became a two-time Olympic champion when he beat Britain’s Pat McCormack on a wide and unanimous decision on Tuesday in the final of the welterweight division. The 32-year-...

Despite his early exit, Pablo Iglesias radically reshaped Spanish politics

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Seven years after revolutionising Spanish politics by founding Podemos and inspiring imitators around Europe, the unabashed leftwing populist Pablo Iglesias resigned from all his posts on Tuesday night. Does this spel...

Pablo Iglesias leaves Spanish politics, ‘very proud’ of Podemos legacy

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One of the more remarkable and once-unthinkable trajectories in modern Spanish politics came to an end a little before midnight on Tuesday when the Podemos leader and former deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias announ...

Pablo Iglesias walks out of Madrid debate in clash over death threat

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The Unidas Podemos leader and former Spanish deputy prime minister, Pablo Iglesias, has walked out of a Madrid regional election debate after the candidate for the far-right Vox party cast doubt on the death threat he...