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‘The lady without legs or arms’: how artist Sarah Biffin shattered Victorian ideas about disability

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She was born without arms and legs to a farming family in 1784 en, measuring just 37 inches in height as an adult, was put on show in touring fairground attractions. Billed as The Limbless Wonder, Sarah Biffin painte...

Liewe Nadhim Zahawi, your Great Big Bag of Big Ideas feels uncannily empty

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Do you remember that speech in Shakespeare’s The Tempest when Prospero’s slave, Ariel, reports back to his master with an account of all the work he’s done to capsize the king’s ship? He says he boarded the ship and “...

Ed Sheeran is a ‘magpie’ who ‘borrows’ ideas, copyright trial hears

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Ed Sheeran has been accused of being a “magpie” who allegedly “borrows” ideas from other artists for his songs on the first day of a three-week copyright trial over his hit single Shape Of You. Sheeran, 31, appeared a...

PMQ's regstreeks: Boris Johnson faces Keir Starmer as Labour dismisses levelling-up plan as ‘rehash’ of old ideas

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Nuutste opdaterings: Labour attacks ‘levelling up’ missions as being ideas taken from Theresa May’s industrial strategy that Johnson abandoned

Readers’ ideas for the Queen’s jubilee Platinum Pudding

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Almost seven decades on from the invention of coronation chicken, members of the public have been invited to suggest a dessert celebrating the Queen’s 70-year reign. Fortnum & Mason has launched a competition for ...

Christmas gift guide: 88 ideas from the Observer

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Noah’s art Animal pencils. £9, Take it to heart Recycled velvet bag. £17, Checkmate Checked romper. £12, Dolled up Jumper doll. £62, Harry Trotter The Chris...

UK trio sends ideas to UN on how social media firms can protect minorities

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Social media platforms will be urged to protect minorities and help prevent ethnic violence by hiring non-English language moderators and conducting safety tests on their algorithms, under proposals for a UN global co...

John Lewis targets ‘throwaway’ culture with £1m ideas fund

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The owner of John Lewis and Waitrose will on Monday launch a £1m fund that will channel cash into projects with the potential to end the high street’s “throwaway” culture. The John Lewis Partnership is inviting academ...

Social media bringing antisemitic ideas to new generation, verslag sê

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A new generation of users of “younger” social media platforms such as TikTok are being introduced to antisemitic ideas they would be unlikely to encounter elsewhere, warns a report. The research comes amid warnings th...

Covid -parkeerareas kan tot stilstand kom: fassinerende maar nuttelose kwarantynidees

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In Januarie 2020, slegs 'n paar dae voordat die eerste passasiers wat deur Covid-19 besmet is, op die vlug van Wuhan in die Verenigde State beland het, Daar is reeds voorbereidings getref in 'n omskepte parkeerterrein in Omaha, Nebraska. Wat ....

‘My art is a protest’: disrupting ideas about black people in British rural areas

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Growing up as one of the only black pupils at her primary school in Norwich, Madinah Farhannah Thompson says she felt isolated and that it affected her mental health. Now the artist is using her complicated experience...

Geagte Gavin Williamson, if Latin is about levelling up, I have other ideas

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Just as many of us are thinking ahead to winter and a possible next wave of Covid, worrying about whether schools have proper ventilation and what emergency measures you might have up your sleeve if a major outbreak o...

I was desperate to watch England v Germany. But my daughter had other ideas

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Until Tuesday evening I had watched every single competitive football encounter between England and Germany, the majority of which I had not enjoyed very much. This one would have been different if I had been able to ...

‘I saw a million ideas all at once’: Dior Men’s Kim Jones and Amoako Boafo

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When the fashion designer Kim Jones left his role as men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton in 2018 after seven years he was literally catwalked out of the Grand Palais in Paris by Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Dres...

Salary caps, sack boards and share TV money: 10 readers’ ideas to fix football

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The problem begins at the top. Fans need to have the biggest say in how their clubs and their game is run. Investors should be properly vetted by an independent authority. States, people with “unexplained” riches, en ...

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