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‘My art is a protest’: disrupting ideas about black people in British rural areas

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Growing up as one of the only black pupils at her primary school in Norwich, Madinah Farhannah Thompson says she felt isolated and that it affected her mental health. Now the artist is using her complicated experience...

Geagte Gavin Williamson, if Latin is about levelling up, I have other ideas

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Just as many of us are thinking ahead to winter and a possible next wave of Covid, worrying about whether schools have proper ventilation and what emergency measures you might have up your sleeve if a major outbreak o...

I was desperate to watch England v Germany. But my daughter had other ideas

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Until Tuesday evening I had watched every single competitive football encounter between England and Germany, the majority of which I had not enjoyed very much. This one would have been different if I had been able to ...

‘I saw a million ideas all at once’: Dior Men’s Kim Jones and Amoako Boafo

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When the fashion designer Kim Jones left his role as men’s artistic director of Louis Vuitton in 2018 after seven years he was literally catwalked out of the Grand Palais in Paris by Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Dres...

Salary caps, sack boards and share TV money: 10 readers’ ideas to fix football

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The problem begins at the top. Fans need to have the biggest say in how their clubs and their game is run. Investors should be properly vetted by an independent authority. States, people with “unexplained” riches, and...

Wolfson may have the best ideas about what comes Next for shops

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With the end of the lockdown in sight, and new late-night opening plans announced for shops in England, it is hoped brighter days lie ahead for the British high street. So investors will be hanging on to every word ut...

‘New eyes and new ideas’: How the NFL made female coaches part of the league

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Jennifer King sat in her office prepping for one of the Washington Football Team’s final regular season games when head coach Ron Rivera popped in to pass along some news. King’s promotion from season long intern to f...

Ideas to help children learn and thrive Letters

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The closing of schools during the pandemic has highlighted their significance in children’s lives. For deprived and underachieving children in particular, school is their gateway to engagement and participation in soc...