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The economy is collapsing. Yet I can’t recall a government so devoid of a plan

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Welcome to Britain, May 2022 – and one of the most toxic and dangerous economic moments I can recall. Last week, the Bank of England forecast inflation exceeding 10% and predicted negligible growth for the next two ye...

Kicking universities is no way to solve the divide between the academic and the rest

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The British class system continues to cast its noxious shadow. For more than a century, British working-class children and teenagers have been offered second-best routes to education and training. By contrast, middle-...

To topple Johnson, now it’s time for all good progressives to come to the aid of… the Lib Dems

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I’m uneasy. After an autumn defined by the prime minister’s lies and evasions, voters in the North Shropshire byelection this Thursday should and must send a decisive message that enough is enough. That the careless l...

The EU is locked in a momentous fight with Poland. And the UK is backing the wrong side

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It should be a moment when the values of the European Enlightenment, embodied triumphantly in the astonishing capacity to deliver anti-Covid vaccines within 12 months, should be riding high. “To dare to know”, the gre...

As the economy bounces back, do we sceptics need to say we got it wrong?

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British capitalism seems to be on a roll. A million job vacancies were advertised in July, a new monthly record. Early signs are that unwinding the furlough scheme, now under way, is not going to cause a sharp rise in...

Civic life is under assault – theatres can play a vital role in restoring it

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Theatre may not seem like a natural place to go in order to understand the forces of climate emergency, nationalism, financial upheaval and a deadly pandemic. In a world dominated by Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, ...