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‘They’d come to kill me’: The Afghan tax reformer hunted by the Taliban and abandoned by the Britain he served

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Abdullah Sayyid often thinks about the moment the Taliban broke down his door, burst inside and shot his wife. The gunmen left, but would soon redouble their efforts to kill him because of his work for the British gov...

‘Hunted’: one in three people killed by US police were fleeing, data reveals

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Nearly one third of people killed by US police since 2015 were running away, driving off or attempting to flee when the officer fatally shot or used lethal force against them, data reveals. In the past seven years, po...

Massacre in Tadamon: how two academics hunted down a Syrian war criminal

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On a spring morning three years ago, a new recruit to a loyalist Syrian militia was handed a laptop belonging to one of Bashar al-Assad’s most feared security wings and asked to repair it. He opened the screen and cur...

Diario di campagna 1922: sympathy for the hunted fox

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Perhaps a country diarist may be allowed to comment on the correspondence about foxhunting, especially as one advocate of thesport signs himself “Nature Lover.” He affirms that the fox “expects to be hunted,” but do w...

They stayed to fight the Taliban. Now the protesters are being hunted down

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A month ago, Reshmin was busy organising protests against Taliban rule in online groups of hundreds of fellow women’s rights activists. Now the 26-year-old economics graduate must operate clandestinely, dressing in di...

‘Please pray for me’: female reporter being hunted by the Taliban tells her story

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Two days ago I had to flee my home and life in the north of Afghanistan after the Taliban took my city. I am still on the run and there is no safe place for me to go. Last week I was a news journalist. Today I can’t w...

Spike Lee: ‘You hope that black people will stop being hunted down like animals’ – video

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Spike Lee spoke up on the US’s racial justice crisis in typically forthright fashion on the first day of the 2021 Cannes film festival, where he is president of the jury that will pick the winner of the Palme d’Or.Hav...

Spike Lee: ‘You hope that black people will stop being hunted down like animals’

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Spike Lee commented on the US’s current racial justice crisis in typically forthright fashion at the Cannes film festival on Tuesday, saying he hoped the time had come that “black people will stop being hunted down li...