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Cocktail van die week: Four Hundred Rabbits’ bayleaf freezer margarita – resep

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It’s as easy to make one of these as it is to make 20, so it’s the ideal drink for a party. The infused sugar syrup has a savoury edge, with a hint of spice and aromatics, and is a taste we’ve acquired to such an exte...

England’s Sophia Dunkley eager to face New Zealand and judge Hundred impact

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Sophia Dunkley says she is hopeful that the record crowds for women’s cricket during the Hundred will transfer into increased interest in England’s series against New Zealand, which begins on Wednesday with a Twenty20...

Brave take men’s Hundred final after Tim David’s direct hit fells Phoenix

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They didn’t wait long to make it right. A few hours after their women’s side missed out on becoming the Hundred’s first champions, Southern Brave punched through Birmingham Phoenix’s heavyweight batting line-up to win...

The Hundred women’s final: Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles – live!

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Meet Alice Capsey, the 16-year-old schoolgirl hoping to star in the Hundred

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Sixteen-year-old Alice Capsey’s call-up to play for Oval Invincibles in the Hundred was unusual, to say the least. “Because of my age our head coach, Jonathan Batty, had to phone my mum first and get her permission. T ...

Four Hundred Souls, edited by Ibram X Kendi and Keisha N Blain review – a resounding history of African America

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Slavery is fundamental to the story of the US, argues the 1619 Project (an initiative from the New York Times Magazine to reframe the country’s history by placing at its centre the contributions of African Americans),...