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All-conquering Ash Barty remains humble despite joining greats in exclusive club

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And then there were five. More to the point, there are only five. To win a major on all three surfaces is a rarity. So rare, infatti, that the only current players to have achieved it before Saturday night’s Australia...

Lethal, humble, wise: the making of England record-breaker Ellen White

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“I’d have said: ‘You’re having a laugh,’” said Ellen White, when asked whether she could have imagined, as a schoolgirl, becoming England’s record women’s goalscorer. Speaking after her hat-trick in England’s 20-0 dru...

Humble Chicken, Londra: ‘It’s a huge amount of fun’ – restaurant review

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Humble Chicken, 54 Frith Street, London W1D 4SJ ( Yakitori £3-£4.80, other dishes £5-£16, desserts £6-£8.50, wines from £30 Faced by the menu at Humble Chicken, it’s difficult to remain fully adul...

Weatherwatch: how the humble salp is helping to fight the climate crisis

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Salps are jelly-like sea creatures, so humble that few people even know they exist. But there are countless numbers of them swimming in the world’s oceans and they help fight climate change. Salps cruise around the se...

Lockdown makes humble flip-flop summer’s high-fashion hit

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Flip-flops have long been a staple of heatwaves, found everywhere from beaches to barbecues. Ma, nel 2021, the humble footwear – which can cost as little as £5 – are set to be fashion’s shoe of the summer. Flip-flops ...

Macchine per uccidere: l'umile riccio britannico provoca il caos in Nuova Zelanda

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Considera il riccio. Minuscolo, il giro, con gli occhi lucidi e ansimante, sono lavati per i video su Internet, piattini di latte nutriti dai bambini, e sono stati immortalati dalla signora Tiggy Winkle di Beatrix Potter. Di tutti i nott...

Glenn Roeder claimed he was bloody-minded but stayed kind and humble Louise Taylor

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The sudden revving of engines drowned out the conversation and Glenn Roeder leapt from his chair and stared, despairingly, out of the window. As a group of Newcastle’s junior players accelerated out of the adjacent ca...