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Russia accused of shelling Mariupol humanitarian corridor

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Russia has stepped up attempts to encircle defending forces in the east of Ukraine and stood accused of shelling a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol, as the US vowed to move “heaven and earth” to help Ukraine win ...

Sri Lanka’s humanitarian crisis could be the start of a political upheaval

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Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented political and economic emergency, a result of government mismanagement and the effect of global crises. But the tiny island nation is also seeing signs of cathartic revival. Despit...

First food aid for 100 days enters Tigray under ‘humanitarian truce’

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A convoy of aid trucks has arrived in Tigray, the first emergency food supplies to reach the besieged region of northern Ethiopia by road for more than 100 giorni. Two weeks after Abiy Ahmed’s government declared an imm...

Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan: Russian forces ‘not allowing’ humanitarian aid into Mariupol, says mayor’s office – live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Mariupol remains ‘very dangerous’, says mayor’s office; Russia’s redeployment of forces from Georgia is indicative of its unexpected losses, UK intelligence says

Victims of other humanitarian crises need urgent help too

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Re your editorial on forgotten wars (17 marzo), Mercy Corps is one of the many organisations seeing the impact of international neglect on numerous crises. The repercussions of the Ukraine war are already being felt g...

Mariupol: humanitarian crisis deepens as Russia intensifies shelling – video

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Russian forces have intensified their bombardment of Mariupol, trapping hundreds of thousands of people, with food and water running short. The city council said the port had been hit by fresh air strikes on Thursday ...

Ballet stars to raise humanitarian funds for Ukraine with London gala

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International ballet stars will take part in a charity gala in London later this month to raise money for people in Ukraine. Dance for Ukraine will feature the most prominent Russian ballerina outside Russia along wit...

Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow promises humanitarian corridors; US to send Patriot missiles to Poland – live

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Russia says it will observe a ‘regime of silence’ in several Ukraine cities; Biden administration rejects Polish plan to use MIG jets to help Ukraine

People flee as humanitarian corridor opened in parts of Ukraine to escape Russian onslaught – video

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Buses packed with people fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine began a procession along a snowy road out of one city Tuesday, as a new effort to evacuate civilians along safe corridors finally got under way.The rout...

UK humanitarian route for Ukrainian refugees ‘being considered’

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Priti Patel is examining plans for a third route for Ukrainian citizens to enter the UK amid chaos over the government’s response to the worst European refugee crisis for decades. The home secretary is pushing through...

Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan: Russia to allow humanitarian corridors in Mariupol and Volnovakha

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Russian forces will stop firing at 10:00am Moscow time to allow humanitarian corridors out of the two Ukrainian cities, Russia’s defence ministry said

What the US is doing to Afghanistan amounts to a humanitarian crime

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The war in Afghanistan did not end when US and UK troops left Kabul airport last year: it merely took a different, but still lethal, form. The response of President Joe Biden to the military humiliation inflicted on A...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Dalai Lama joins tributes to ‘true humanitarian’ after anti-apartheid hero dies – latest

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Desmond Tutu, the cleric and social activist who was a giant of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, è morto invecchiato 90

Prince Harry says online misinformation is ‘global humanitarian issue’

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Prince Harry has described online misinformation as a “global humanitarian issue” that needs to be tackled by policies including investment in local journalism and cracking down on super-spreaders of false content. L...

UK announces extra £29m of humanitarian aid for Ethiopia

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The UK has announced an extra £29m of humanitarian aid to people affected by the deepening conflict in northern Ethiopia, as the foreign secretary, In caso contrario, potrebbe, reviews what kind of further pressure can be placed on the...

US to give humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, Taliban say

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The United States has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to a desperately poor Afghanistan on the brink of an economic disaster, but refused to give political recognition to the country’s new rulers, the Taliban said ...

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