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Human footprints thought to be oldest in North America discovered

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New scientific research conducted by archaeologists has uncovered what they believe are the oldest known human footprints in North America. Research done at the White Sands national park in New Mexico discovered the a...

Big pharma fuelling human rights crisis over Covid vaccine inequity – Amnesty

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Amnesty International has accused six pharmaceutical companies that have developed Covid-19 vaccines of fuelling a global human rights crisis, citing their refusal to sufficiently waive intellectual property rights, s...

‘Unconscionable’ universal credit cut breaks human rights law, says UN envoy

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Cutting universal credit by £20 a week is an “unconscionable” move that breaches international human rights law and is likely to trigger an explosion of poverty, the United Nations’ poverty envoy has said. In an excor...

Horror at the Faroes dolphin slaughter is only human – but it risks hypocrisy

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Witnessing the mass movement of wild animals can seem to be a rebuttal of the disastrous news we hear, daily, of our natural environment. We know they are threatened, in their very choreography, but in the sight of th...

"Un LinkedIn más humano": Proyecto de medios de España que ayuda a Covid a los desempleados

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La crisis de Covid atravesó la vida de Alejandro * con una velocidad, ferocidad y vengativa minuciosidad que lo aturde hasta el día de hoy. Casi toda la noche, el negocio del artesano viudo que suministra piezas de cuero a la pesca..

Six countries invited to arms fair are on Foreign Office human rights list

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Six nations listed by the Foreign Office as “human rights priority countries” have been invited by the British government to send delegations to Europe’s biggest arms fair, which begins in London’s Docklands on Tuesda...

Human Rights Campaign fires president for advising Cuomo over allegations

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The Human Rights Campaign has fired its president, Alphonso David, over his involvement in former New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s response to allegations of sexual misconduct. In a statement on Monday, the largest U...

Kim Jong-un to face human rights abuse claims in Japanese court

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A Japanese court has summoned North Korea’s leader to face demands for compensation by several ethnic Korean residents of Japan who say they suffered human rights abuses in North Korea after joining a resettlement pro...

In brief: Human Frontiers; Interviews With an Ape; Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time – review

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Michael Bhaskar Bridge Street Press, £20, pp416 We live in an era of endless discovery and development, but are our best days already behind us? This is the question at the heart of Michael Bhaskar’s fascinating book...

"Un cuerno sonó cuando se encontraron restos humanos": Las seis horas de Wim Wenders en el infierno de Ground Zero

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Cuando era niño, crecía entre los escombros y las ruinas de la Alemania Occidental de la posguerra., Wim Wenders a menudo soñaba con torres caídas. Así que a la edad de 56, cuando vio las torres gemelas del World Trade Center arder y luego caer en picado ....

‘A great player, a great human being’: Solskjær excited about Ronaldo

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær believes Cristiano Ronaldo will relish the challenge of proving age is just a number on his return to the Premier League and says Manchester United were always going to pounce when such a “special ...

‘No one comes here any more’: the human cost as Covid wipes out tourism

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In March last year, it was predicted that the global travel shutdown would cause international arrivals to plummet by 20 a 30% by the end of 2020. Six weeks later, the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) revised th...

Human remains in tomb are best-preserved ever found in Pompeii

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The partially mummified remains, including hair and bones, of a former slave who rose through the social ranks have been found in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. The remains of Marcus Venerius Secundio were found i...

California considers human composting as a greener death option

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Is there a greener way to honor those who have died? Humans have caused unprecedented and irreversible changes to the climate in our time on Earth – pollution that continues even in death. Pero, across the US, some are...

‘Low point’ in world heritage committee history as politics ‘tramples’ human rights of the Karen people

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Along Thailand’s border with Myanmar, in rich forests filled with rare plants and animals, the indigenous Karen people are fighting for the right to live on their traditional land. El mes pasado, the UN’s human rights ag...

New Zealand commission launches inquiry into ‘massive human rights failure’ on housing

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New Zealand’s housing crisis has become a “massive human rights failure”, the Human Rights Commission has said, as it launches a national inquiry into the problem. “Successive governments have failed New Zealanders," ...

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