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LA clears another park encampment in battle over worsening housing crisis

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Los Angeles officials are shutting down a major public park in an effort to remove homeless encampments from the area, reigniting bitter conflicts about the city’s worsening housing crisis. MacArthur Park, in the city...

Poor housing harms health of 20% of renters in England, says Shelter

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Poor housing is harming the health of one in five renters in England, with mould, damp and cold the main triggers of sickness, a major survey by the housing charity Shelter has revealed. Approximately 1.9m households ...

How UK housing segregates residents

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New residential developments in the UK are often segregating people based on those who own their homes and those that live in social housing. Inequality is designed into the buildings themselves with poorer people hav...

‘Haves and have-nots’: how the housing crisis is creating two New Zealands – a photo essay

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Returning home to a country he couldn’t afford to secure a home in, New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham began to roam suburban streets at night with his camera. In a new series of photographs, he reflects the unea...

Labour squares off against Gove with housing policy ahead of party conference – UK politics live

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: party plans to slash affordable rents and give first-time buyers exclusive rights to purchase new-build homes

New Zealand’s pandemic housing policy has baked in Māori inequality for generations

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The only thing more predictable than rising house prices is the tenor of stories as monthly data from governments or the real estate sector are reported. Record highs in particular places, predictions of trends from e...

It’s time for those who benefited from a housing boom to pay up

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I have some sympathy with my fellow pensioners saying that they have already paid their whack. But there are two major caveats to that (Lettere, 6 settembre). Primo, contributions to the state pension in the 1960s and...

Brexit pre-settled status: EU nationals in UK face losing out on jobs and housing

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EU nationals living in the UK who apply to change their status risk being rejected by landlords, employers and mortgage lenders because of an anomaly on the digital residency permits issued by the government. Before t...

‘Housing should be boring… and cheap’ – developer explains his success

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Property developer Marc Vlessing says he would be happy to be put out of a job. In an attempt to attract first-time buyers who might otherwise be unable to afford their own homes, his business, Pocket Living, builds s...

Social housing tenant’s cry for help: Get me out of this ‘hellhole’ flat

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Constance Baker* feels she takes her life into her hands when she uses her bathroom. Nel mese di giugno, following three years’ of leaks, the ceiling collapsed, showering the units with debris. Adesso, when she uses the lavatory, o...

Housing association L&Q is still failing residents years after exposé

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Social housing tenants claim their health is being affected by damp, mould and vermin because their complaints have been ignored by one of Britain’s largest housing associations. Two years after an independent review,...

Elite UK universities send students out of town as housing squeeze bites

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Top universities are scrambling to find enough accommodation for thousands of extra students, after record numbers netted the high grades they needed to clinch their offers last week. Some students are being offered h...

UK housing market cools as stamp duty holiday winds down

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Britain’s biggest mortgage lender has predicted a cooling in Britain’s house price boom after reporting a fall in the annual rate of property inflation. The Halifax said prices rose by 0.4% in July, the first month si...

New Zealand reserve bank to toughen mortgage-lending rules in bid to tackle housing crisis

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New Zealand’s reserve bank has announced plans to tighten up mortgage-lending, as the country struggles to tackle its housing crisis. One measure, which would come into force from 1 October after consultations, will i...

‘Cooking is a way for me to share my love’: recipes from Melbourne public housing residents

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Melburnians are very familiar with being locked down. Our state has had four, but some of us have experienced lockdown in such an extreme fashion, it was considered a breach of human rights, according to the Victorian...

‘Pressures have built up’: how can New Zealand solve its social housing crisis?

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Once a world leader in social housing, New Zealand now faces what the UN has called a “human rights crisis”. Although the government is pouring money in, the waitlist for social housing has ballooned to 23,000 – tripl...

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