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The big picture: the decline and fall of a utopian social housing scheme

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In 1934, the newly installed housing director of Leeds city council, RAH Livett, toured Europe inspecting the latest modernist housing blocks. Quarry Hill flats in Leeds city centre was subsequently modelled on Karl M...

‘Twilight’ for Australia’s housing boom as prices to fall 10% in 2023, CBA says

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Australia’s “red hot” property market has started to cool, with prices to peak next year and sink 10% in 2023 as higher borrowing costs and “natural fatigue” set in, the nation’s largest mortgage lender predicts. Home...

Hoër rentekoerse 'kan op Britse huismark weeg'

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Nationwide Building Society het gesê daar kan 'n "afkoeling" van die VK se rooiwarm huismark wees as gevolg van stygende inflasie en rentekoerse. Robert Gardner, die hoofekonoom by die Verenigde Koninkryk se tweede grootste verband...

If health and education are essential services in Spain, why not housing?

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Vroeër die jaar, I found myself in the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat to the south-west of Barcelona. It lacks the fame and tourist hordes of the Catalan capital, but the two places are connected by the same dire...

Speculation nation: Can Xi Jinping’s property tax deflate China’s housing bubble?

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Xi Jinping’s to-do list has seen a lot of ticks in recent months: more flights into Taiwan’s defence zone; suppressing dissenting voices in Hong Kong; clipping the wings of tech barons; outlawing the out-of-school tut...

Terwyl die rykes kan baat, behuisingsongelykheid gaan nêrens heen nie

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Ek was verbaas dat in die reaksie op Coco Khan se vrae oor die huismark (Gaan Britse huispryse ooit ineenstort?? Ons vra die kenner, 22 Oktober), Danny Dorling het 'n belangrike deel van die hele prentjie gelaat ...

Far-right groups in UK target hotels housing Afghan refugees

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The evacuation of thousands of Afghan refugees to the UK after Kabul fell to the Taliban has triggered an increase in far-right groups targeting hotels where they are being accommodated, according to those monitoring ...

Sweeping housing legislation could reshape New Zealand cities for decades to come

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New Zealand’s cities could be reshaped for decades to come, after the government joined forces with the opposition to announce sweeping bipartisan housing legislation that aims to counter urban sprawl and boost supply...

LA clears another park encampment in battle over worsening housing crisis

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Los Angeles officials are shutting down a major public park in an effort to remove homeless encampments from the area, reigniting bitter conflicts about the city’s worsening housing crisis. MacArthur Park, in the city...

Swak behuising benadeel die gesondheid van 20% van huurders in Engeland, sê Shelter

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Swak behuising benadeel die gesondheid van een uit elke vyf huurders in Engeland, met vorm, klam en koud, die belangrikste oorsake van siekte, 'n groot opname deur die behuisingsorganisasie Shelter het onthul. Ongeveer 1,9 miljoen huishoudings ...

How UK housing segregates residents

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New residential developments in the UK are often segregating people based on those who own their homes and those that live in social housing. Inequality is designed into the buildings themselves with poorer people hav...

‘Haves and have-nots’: how the housing crisis is creating two New Zealands – a photo essay

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Returning home to a country he couldn’t afford to secure a home in, New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham began to roam suburban streets at night with his camera. In a new series of photographs, he reflects the unea...

Labour squares off against Gove with housing policy ahead of party conference – UK politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: party plans to slash affordable rents and give first-time buyers exclusive rights to purchase new-build homes

New Zealand’s pandemic housing policy has baked in Māori inequality for generations

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The only thing more predictable than rising house prices is the tenor of stories as monthly data from governments or the real estate sector are reported. Record highs in particular places, predictions of trends from e...

It’s time for those who benefited from a housing boom to pay up

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I have some sympathy with my fellow pensioners saying that they have already paid their whack. But there are two major caveats to that (Briewe, 6 September). Eerste, contributions to the state pension in the 1960s and...

Brexit pre-settled status: EU nationals in UK face losing out on jobs and housing

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EU nationals living in the UK who apply to change their status risk being rejected by landlords, employers and mortgage lenders because of an anomaly on the digital residency permits issued by the government. Before t...

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