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Britain’s Most Expensive Houses review – a comedy of feckless estate agents

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Having debuted with a one-off episode between Christmas and new year 12 months ago, Britain’s Most Expensive Houses (Canale 4) is back – raising the possibility that it will become an unlikely annual festive staple, ...

TV stasera: perché non fare una sbirciatina festosa tra le case più costose della Gran Bretagna??

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Quale periodo migliore dell'anno per pensare agli eccessi del Natale? Presumibilmente questa è la ragione per la tempistica di una serie che esamina le sontuose dimore sui libri di una delle più grandi agenzie immobiliari di lusso del mondo..

50 houses evacuated in Derby as man arrested on suspicion of making explosives

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A man has been arrested on suspicion of making or possessing an explosive substance in Derby, as more than 50 houses were evacuated in the area. The man remains in police custody, but there is no indication it is a te...

‘It’s like a cemetery’: the trend turning San Francisco’s colorful houses ‘gentrification gray’

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Richard Segovia’s house is as loud as the Latin rock music he teaches children to play in his basement studio. With colors ranging from jungle green and royal blue at the pavement to a red and yellow sunburst at the r...

Hot tubs, air fryers, houses: are we starting to regret our pandemic purchases?

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Nome: Pandemic buyer’s remorse. Età: Approximately 20 months old. Aspetto: An exercise bike, covered in old clothes, destined to die unridden. Oh really? You bought a exercise bike? Of course I did. My gym was shu...

Diario di campagna: This wildlife-rich meadow is no place to build houses

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Known locally as Southmere, the nine-acre field at the end of my road is a traditional hay meadow – threatened habitat that has declined by 97% since the 1930s. It hasn’t been ploughed or artificially fertilised since...

Gilbert & George: ‘We’re art’s outsiders. We never wanted to eat lasagne at other people’s houses’

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When I knock on their front door in Fournier Street in London’s Spitalfields, Gilbert and George have been in their studio since 7am painting the words “Oh My God” in capitals on 50 poster-sized boards for the Serpent...

‘Better ugly than boring’: book celebrates bizarre Belgian houses

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Ever since he was a child, Hannes Coudenys had been annoyed by the “visual chaos” around him. On the road from home to his school in Bruges, he found a mishmash of architectural styles – haciendas, villas, farm-style ...

Bean bandits: why teenagers are throwing baked beans at people’s houses

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Nome: Beaning. Età: About a month old. Aspetto: Just, piace, loads and loads of baked beans. Bene, this sounds delicious. It is anything but. Beaning is an act of cruel intimidation and the perpetrators are merchan...

Contents of Karl Lagerfeld’s eight houses up for grabs at Sotheby’s

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Dishes used to feed one of the world’s most pampered cats and hundreds of pairs of fingerless gloves will be among more than 1,000 lots at eight auctions selling the collection of Karl Lagerfeld, Sotheby’s has announc...

‘Who knows what the inside is like?’ The Australians buying houses they have never seen

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Erin Lyall has spent the past five weeks walking the streets of Sunbury via Google Street View, looking at houses. It’s not how she imagined buying her first home. But with Melbourne spending nine of the past 15 weeks...

Aragón region wants its ice houses preserved as Spanish cultural assets

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No two are alike: some look like stone igloos, others more like deep pits. Now a regional government in Spain wants some of its network of 500 ice houses officially declared as assets of cultural interest. During Euro...

La Grecia incendia: 150 case distrutte da incendi mentre i monaci si rifiutano di lasciare l'isola colpita

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Almeno 150 case sono state distrutte da un violento incendio che ha circondato un monastero e una dozzina di villaggi sull'isola greca di Evia, uno di più 100 fiamme che bruciano nel paese. Anche i vigili del fuoco stanno continuando...

Cocktail della settimana: Hertford House’s cedar bloom – recipe

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Taking inspiration from a cedar tree planted 20 years ago by our MD Daniel Shipton, this drink represents the spirit of Hertford House: fragrant strawberries and colourful Aperol come together to bring a hint of fun t...

The week in classical: Houses Slide; Manchester Collective x Edmund Finnis; Elias String Quartet

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In a week of flash floods, the world premiere of Houses Slide was all too timely. Who doesn’t currently feel they might be atop a crumbling cliff, metaphorical or otherwise. The composer Laura Bowler and librettist Co...

Seven people injured after explosion rips through houses in Kent

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Seven people have been injured, two of them seriously, after an explosion left a gaping hole in a row of houses in Kent, emergency services have said. Witnesses described feeling their homes shudder on Tuesday morning...

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