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‘Extraordinary’: Police fine dozens after church service in western Sydney Covid hotspot

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NSW police have issued 31 fines to people who attended an illegal Sunday night church service in Blacktown in the heart of Sydney’s Covid-19 outbreak hotspots. Police went to Christ Embassy Sydney church around 7.30pm...

Greece sends police to Covid hotspot islands to step up controls

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Greece has begun deploying police units to holiday island hotspots as the country’s tourism season moves into high gear amid a worrying spread of coronavirus variants. Authorities moved to beef up police presence on p...

Vertel ons: do you live in a Covid hotspot affected by the variant from India?

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New travel advice urging people not to travel in or out of Covid hotspots in England affected by the variant first identified in India has been released, but not announced by the government. Eight areas are affected i...

Spring breakers flock to Covid hotspot Florida to party like it’s 2019

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Covid-19 and spring break have never mixed well. Last March one young, shirtless man in Miami wearing a backwards-facing green cap went “viral” in the pre-pandemic sense when he told a reporter: “If I get corona, I ge...