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NHS England hospitals having to rely on ‘obsolete’ imaging equipment

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About a third of NHS trusts in England are using “technically obsolete” imaging equipment that could be putting patients’ health at risk, while existing shortages of doctors who are qualified to diagnose and treat dis...

‘Crisis unfolding’ as Papua New Guinea hospitals hit by worst Covid wave yet

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Hospitals in Papua New Guinea are being pushed to the brink and morgues are overflowing, as the country suffers what health authorities say is the worst surge in Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. The country’s ...

Private hospitals treated just eight Covid patients a day despite deal to help NHS

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Private hospitals treated a total of just eight Covid patients a day during the pandemic despite a multi-billion pound deal with the government to help stop the NHS being overwhelmed, a report reveals. And they also p...

Eight-week-old baby died after hospital’s ‘catalogue of failings’, NHS inquiry finds

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An eight-week-old baby died after “a catalogue of failings” in his treatment at a children’s hospital, which then tried to “deceive” his parents about his death, an official inquiry has found. Doctors failed to spot t...

US hospitals outfitting nurses with panic buttons to prevent assaults

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Nel 2019, Laura Paul, a registered nurse, was seeing a sedated patient in the intensive care unit at Cox Medical Center Branson in south-west Missouri when “he went from out cold to swinging in a matter of seconds,” sh...

North Carolina hospitals group has sacked employees who refused vaccines

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A North Carolina hospital system has terminated about 175 employees in the latest in a slew of healthcare terminations due to Covid vaccine mandates, reports the Washington Post. Novant Health, whose headquarters are ...

Private hospitals profit from NHS waiting lists as people without insurance pay out

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When Fabien needed to have a decayed tooth removed in May, his dentist told him that he would have to wait up to three years to have it done on the NHS. In disbelief, the 27-year-old from Edinburgh rang 50 dental prac...

One in 500 Americans have died of Covid – and some hospitals reach capacity

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America has passed another grim Covid-19 milestone, as data shows that one in 500 people living in the US have died from the virus since the pandemic began. Almost 664,000 people had died of the virus in the US by Tue...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Mississippi hospitals overwhelmed; New Zealand eases restrictions outside Auckland

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Mississippi is least vaccinated state in US; New Zealand reports 20 new cases for third day

Federal minister admits Australia’s reopening plan ‘could change’ as Covid continues to strain hospitals

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A Morrison government minister has left the door open to changing the national reopening plan amid growing concerns about the health system’s capacity to cope with increasing Covid-19 case numbers. “Goodness, anything...

Oklahoma hospitals deluged by ivermectin overdoses, doctor says

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An Oklahoma doctor has said overdoses of the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin, which many believe without evidence can prevent or cure Covid-19, are helping cause delays and problems for rural hospitals and ambulance se...

Aggiornamento delle notizie in diretta sull'Australia Covid: Victoria records 190 new cases as NSW hospitals brace for surge

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Girl, 4, tests positive for coronavirus in south-east Queensland as national death toll climbs

Sydney ICU nurses sedating patients more to manage workload as Covid outbreak strains hospitals

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Overworked Sydney intensive care nurses are increasing sedative doses for some patients in order to manage their workload, claiming pressure from the Delta outbreak makes it impossible to monitor all of their charges....

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Moderna withholds 1.6m vaccines in Japan over contamination concerns, Sydney hospitals struggle to cope

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Pharamaceutical giant Moderna says it’s withholding 1.63m vaccine doses over fears of contamination with particulate matter while Sydney’s health system struggles as the city reports record case numbers

Sydney hospitals struggle with escalating Covid outbreak as Coalition says targeted lockdowns may continue – live

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Simon Birmingham acknowledges targeted lockdowns could still happen once 70% per 80% of adults are vaccinated and hardship assistance will be provided. Follow latest updates live

Oxygen firms accused of intimidating Mexican hospitals during pandemic

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Nel mese di marzo 2020, Benjamin Espinoza Zavala saw an entire floor of his small hospital in Guanajuato, central Mexico, converted into Covid-19 wards. The hospital’s need for oxygen soared. Deliveries from CryoInfra, part of...

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