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US hospitals struggle as Omicron Covid surge delays other treatments

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The surge in cases of the Omicron variant has not only swamped US hospitals with record numbers of patients with Covid-19, it has also caused frightening moments and major challenges for people seeking treatment for o...

Hospitals in half of US states close to capacity as Omicron continues surge

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Hospitals in nearly half of US states are nearing capacity, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, as the Omicron variant has triggered a record number of cases across the country. En 18 states at l...

Javid tells NHS England to give private hospitals up to £270m in case of Omicron surge

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Sajid Javid has ordered the boss of the health service to give private hospitals up to £270m, even though they may not treat any NHS patients in return, despite her deep misgivings about the deal. The health secretary...

NHS England strikes private hospitals deal to fight Omicron surge

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Hospitals in England will be able to use private hospitals and staff under a deal with the NHS to maintain services as Omicron cases surge, avoiding delays in treatment for patients with illnesses such as cancer. los ...

Military deployed at London hospitals due to Omicron staff shortages

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The armed forces are being deployed to help hospitals in London deal with a surge in Covid patients because the Omicron variant is leaving so many staff sick and unable to work. De El 200 military personnel involved,...

Hospitals outside London ‘expect more Covid patients than last January’

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Hospitals outside London could end up treating even more Covid patients than at the peak of the pandemic last January, a senior NHS leader has said. Soaring infection rates in the north of England mean that one NHS tr...

Crisis, what crisis? Florida Republicans deny Omicron is straining hospitals

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While Florida has experienced a record number of Covid-19 cases and sharp increase in hospitalizations in recent weeks, there is disagreement between Republicans and Democrats over whether the Omicron surge has actual...

Lincolnshire hospitals declare ‘critical incident’ over staff shortages

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Several hospitals in Lincolnshire have declared a “critical incident” over “extreme and unprecedented” staff shortages. The United Lincolnshire hospitals NHS trust (ULHT), which includes four hospitals across the coun...

NSW hospitals resort to flying nurses in from overseas as staff are begged to take extra shifts amid Covid crisis

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Critically understaffed public hospitals in New South Wales are planning to fly in nurses from overseas, a leaked memo reveals, as managers beg staff to cancel leave and take on extra shifts amid surging Covid cases. ...

US hospitals struggle with staffing shortages and Omicron outbreaks

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On her fourth day of Covid symptoms, Ruth woke up in the worst pain of her life. It felt like her joints were filled with broken glass; she couldn’t walk, couldn’t move. “It was worse than childbirth," ella dijo. Cuando ...

Los presuntos brotes de Covid en los hospitales del Reino Unido se duplican en una semana

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Los presuntos brotes de Covid en hospitales de todo el Reino Unido se han duplicado en una semana, Las cifras oficiales revelan, aunque el número de personas admitidas en pabellones con el virus está disminuyendo en gran parte de Inglaterra.. Como partes del NH ...

El alcalde de Londres declara "incidente importante" para ayudar a los hospitales afectados por Covid

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El alcalde de Londres, Sadiq Khan, ha declarado un "incidente importante" para ayudar a aliviar la presión sobre los hospitales de la capital en medio de un aumento en los casos de Covid-19 causados ​​por la variante del coronavirus Omicron de rápida propagación. Khan hizo el ....

US hospitals brace for potential Omicron surge in January

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A wave of new Omicron cases is beginning to surge in America and could peak as early as January, the Centers for Disease Controls (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) has warned, as states are scrambling to prepare for overloaded hospitals. Los Estados Unidos ...

COVID-19: NHS en modo de crisis ya que a los hospitales se les pide que den de alta a los pacientes cuando sea posible

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El NHS se puso en una situación de crisis esta noche, ya que se ordenó a los hospitales de Inglaterra que dieran de alta a tantos pacientes como fuera posible, mientras que los casos diarios estimados de Omicron llegaron 200,000 y la variante cobró su primera vida en el Reino Unido ....

Hospitales de Corea del Sur bajo intensa presión en medio de récord 7,175 Casos de covid en un día

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Corea del Sur ha informado de un récord diario de 7,175 nuevos casos de Covid cuando los funcionarios instaron a las personas a completar sus vacunas. El primer ministro, Kim Boo-kyum, advirtió que los hospitales estaban siendo sometidos a una intensa presión..

US hospitals prepare for influx of Covid patients as millions travel for Thanksgiving

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As cases begin surging once more in the US, millions of people are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, and health workers and hospital systems are now preparing for an influx of Covid patients after havin...

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