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The Bourdain AI furore shouldn’t overshadow an effective, complicated film

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Anthony Bourdain was a singularly beloved cultural figure. His death by suicide in 2018 a 61 while filming an episode of his CNN travel series Parts Unknown remains, for many, one of the most tragic and baffling publ...

It’s time to stop making movies about Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy, the serial killer convicted of murdering more than 30 women in the 1970s who probably killed upwards of 100 whose names receive little attention, once mused, in interviews on death row, that he hoped his st...

The end of Ellen’s show signifies how celebrity culture has shifted

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Dopo 17 years as a staple of daytime television, Ellen DeGeneres is ending her eponymous talkshow. The host, 63, revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the show’s current 18th season, ending in 2022, will be its las...