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Forza Horizon 5 review – a much-needed road-trip fantasy

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As we limp towards the end of 2021, I don’t think I’ve ever needed a holiday so much, and Forza Horizon 5 is here to provide one. It is a scenic, colourful escape to a sterile and faultlessly beautiful version of Mexi...

Bring Me the Horizon review – clearly the UK’s greatest rock band right now

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“I haven’t seen a mosh pit in 18 fucking months, so you better make it good,” barks Oli Sykes. This is the start of Bring Me the Horizon’s latest UK arena run, and the band’s frontman seems genuinely elated to be back...

Biden’s ‘over the horizon’ counter-terrorism strategy comes with new risks

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Joe Biden has said the US will maintain an “over the horizon” counter-terrorism capability to neutralise the threat posed by Islamist extremist groups in Afghanistan. With no troops on the ground, no intelligence-gath...

Die week in TV: Together; GB News; Horizon Special: The Vaccine; We Are Lady Parts

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Together (BBC Twee) | iPlayerGB News (Hemel, Virgin Media, Freeview, YouView, Freesat, online)Horizon Special: The Vaccine (BBC Twee) | iPlayerWe Are Lady Parts (Kanaal 4) | Almal 4 Wel, someone’s very spoiled. Straight o...

Horizon Special: The Vaccine review – meet the superheroes who saved the planet

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There is a dizzying sense of scale imparted by the Horizon special on the coronavirus vaccine. Aan die een kant, you have the pathogen – so tiny as to be invisible to the naked eye even as it replicates by fatal millio...

Mortgage hope is on the horizon … unless you want to buy a flat

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More mortgage deals are starting to emerge for homebuyers who can only manage a small deposit – but those looking to buy a flat are increasingly finding themselves excluded. Op Woensdag, Yorkshire building society’s ...