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Dinos: what are you hoping the new Game of Thrones prequel series will be like?

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As the new Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon is about to finally kick off, we’re interested to hear what fans are hoping the arguably most anticipated new TV show of the year will be like. We’re also ...

Portugal votes in snap election with far right hoping to gain ground

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Portugal is voting in a snap general election that is unlikely to result in a majority government but which could lead to the far-right Chega party becoming the third largest group in parliament. Sunday’s election was...

Finn Mackay: the writer hoping to help end the gender wars

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Some of Finn Mackay’s best childhood memories involve just being one of the boys – playing out on the street, getting into mischief, running in and out of friends’ houses, with someone’s mum calling them all in for te...

Conoce a Alice Capsey, la colegiala de 16 años que espera protagonizar The Hundred

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Sixteen-year-old Alice Capsey’s call-up to play for Oval Invincibles in the Hundred was unusual, por decir lo menos. “Debido a mi edad, nuestro entrenador, Jonathan Batty, Tuve que llamar a mi madre primero y obtener su permiso.. T ...

We’re all hoping for a holiday. But will we enjoy it?

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A lot of us are spending an awful lot of time worrying about whether we will get to go on holiday this year. A foreign holiday is spoken of almost as a human right, like running water or food. Si, God forbid, a holida...

The veteran air force pilot hoping to oust scandal-hit Republican Matt Gaetz

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A veteran air force pilot is laying the groundwork to challenge the scandal-hit congressman Matt Gaetz in the Republican primary for Florida’s first congressional district. The pilot, Bryan Jones, serves as the direc...