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Neither citizens nor foreigners: Hongkongers struggle to adapt to life in Taiwan

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When Kenneth Ip and Natalie Wong left Hong Kong in early 2021, they carried little with them except for some luggage and a fake invitation to a Taiwan wedding. In 2019 they’d been arrested at Polytech university, waar...

Hongkongers who fled to UK criticise lack of mental health support

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The UK is not doing enough to provide mental health support to thousands of Hongkongers who have fled China’s increasingly authoritarian grip, according to advocacy groups and those politically displaced. Following Ch...

Hongkongers queue to buy Apple Daily copies after editor-in-chief arrested

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Hongkongers queued at city news stands before dawn on Friday to buy the latest edition of the Apple Daily newspaper, a day after national security police arrested its editor-in-chief and four other directors. On Thurs...

‘Painful farewell’: Hongkongers queue for hours to buy final Apple Daily edition

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Across Hong Kong on Thursday morning the queues stretched for hundreds of metres, wrapping around corner after corner. Starting before dawn, crowds in the city of 7.5 million people lined up for hours to buy the final...

Hongkongers need more help to settle in the UK

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Your article (UK not doing enough to support those fleeing Hong Kong, advocacy group says, 8 Augustus) demonstrates the current failure of the British government to plan for Hongkongers arriving in the UK under the Brit...

Britse LP's vra vir wetsveranderinge om jong Hongkongers te help om na die VK te vlug

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Meer as nege in 10 mense wat protesaanklagte in Hongkong in die gesig gestaar het, is te jonk om toegang te verkry tot 'n Britse visumskema wat toegewy is om Hongkongers te help om na Brittanje te vlug, volgens advokate en LP's wat vra vir nuwe wette om ...

Hongkongers loods hamsterreddingsmissie nadat Covid-uitwissing verklaar is

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Owerhede en troeteldierliefhebbers in Hong Kong is opgesluit in 'n speletjie van kat en muis, met burgers wat 'n klandestiene reddingsoperasie begin vir hamsters wat veroordeel is om doodgemaak te word uit vrese dat hulle Covid-19 kan oordra. Aan ...

UK may extend visa scheme to young Hongkongers seeking refuge

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The UK government has given its strongest indication yet that it will agree to calls to extend its visa lifeboat scheme to cover Hongkongers aged between 18 en 24 who were at the heart of recent civilian protests. Th ...