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Liverpool bomb was made using homemade explosive with ball bearings

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The suspected Liverpool bomber packed his homemade explosive device with ball bearings to cause maximum death or injury, police have revealed. Emad al-Swealmeen, 32, used many aliases to buy the parts for the bomb, fr ...

‘These aren’t my real teeth!": seven readers on their scariest and silliest homemade Halloween costumes

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I wore this look to a Halloween house party in 2004 – it took me about two months to grow the sideburns. I have no idea what my work colleagues thought I was doing with my facial hair, but I never cared. I based the p...

South Korea launches its first homemade space rocket

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South Korea’s first domestically produced space rocket reached its desired altitude but failed to deliver a dummy payload into orbit in its first test launch. The South Korean president, Luna Jae-in, still described t...

‘We were stirring pots until midnight’: how a homemade tomato sauce became a foodie-favourite

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As commutes go, few are more scenic than Sandy Ruddock’s daily drive through the East Anglian countryside. It’s a journey that takes Ruddock past the very ingredients that go into her range of premium sauces, dressing...