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Wales launches drive to keep young people in their homeland

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The Welsh government is launching a drive to persuade more young people to remain in their homeland amid growing concerns that the percentage of working-age citizens is dropping to worryingly low levels. Ministers fea...

Haiti deportations justified because of Covid, Biden homeland secretary says

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The US homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, on Sunday defended the Biden administration’s decision to send thousands of Haitians to a home country they fled because of natural disasters and political turmo...

Last Haitian migrants removed from Del Rio encampment, homeland security chief says

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The last of up to 15,000 Haitian migrants have been cleared from their encampment underneath and near a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, the US homeland security secretary announced on Friday, ending one stage of a damaging ...

In briefs: Homeland Elegies; What You Can See from Here; The Accidental Footballer – review

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Ayad AkhtarHeadline, £8.99, pp368 A searing survey of a conflicted, ultra-capitalist, increasingly xenophobic US, Ayad Akhtar’s remarkable blend of memoir and fiction sees his narrator – named after himself – battlin...

Looking at India from afar, I’m furious at Modi’s wilful neglect of my homeland

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There was an air of inevitability about India’s unfolding Covid disaster. Watching from afar in London, I had long feared the worst for the country of my birth. Since India has decades of underfunded health infrastruc...

US homeland security review to address threat of extremism within agency

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The US Department of Homeland Security on Monday announced an internal review to address the threat of domestic violent extremism within the sprawling federal agency. Homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas sai...

Suspected Russian hackers gained access to US homeland security emails

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Suspected Russian hackers gained access to email accounts belonging to the Trump administration’s head of homeland security (DHS) and members of cybersecurity staff whose jobs included hunting threats from foreign cou...