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‘Beacon of hope’: Holocaust survivor and peace campaigner Eddie Jaku dies at 101

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The self-declared “happiest man on earth”, Holocaust survivor and peace advocate Eddie Jaku, has died in Sydney aged 101. Jaku was a “beacon of light and hope”, the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies said, a man who would b...

Reseña de las Galerías del Holocausto del Imperial War Museum: el mayor horror de la historia

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Cuántas palabras, cuantas fotos, cuantos objetos, ¿Se necesita para contar la historia tanto del evento definitorio del siglo XX como del mayor crimen de ese siglo sangriento?? ¿Cuántos metros cuadrados te llenaría todo eso?.

Salirte con la tuya de un asesinato(s) revisión - poderoso llamado a la justicia del Holocausto

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Aquí hay una investigación documental épica del director David Nicholas Wilkinson sobre algo que podría llamarse la gran impunidad.: después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, aunque muchos de los principales perpetradores del Holoc nazi ....

Misha and the Wolves review – Holocaust hoax doc plays like thriller

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“Sometimes a story is so astonishing it’s unbelievable.” So said a Massachusetts radio presenter in the 90s, introducing Misha Defonseca, a local Jewish woman originally from Belgium. As a child in the war, Defonseca ...

Plan A review – astonishing Holocaust survivors’ revenge plot falls flat

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Based on actual events, this film from Israeli brothers Doron and Yoav Paz dramatises an astonishing piece of Holocaust history: a deadly plot by a small group of Jewish survivors to poison the water supply in Nurembe...

Polish appeals court overturns ruling against Holocaust historians

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A Polish appeals court has overturned a ruling against two leading Holocaust historians accused of defamation, in a closely watched case that raised questions about the freedom to research Poland’s second world war pa...

Holocaust memorial in Westminster is given go-ahead after inquiry

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A controversial Holocaust memorial and education centre is to be built in the heart of Westminster at a cost of more than £100m after the government gave it the go-ahead following a public inquiry. The Board of Deputi...

Where Is Anne Frank? review – Holocaust diary imaginatively rebooted for the YA generation

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The story of Anne Frank and her diary is retold in this fervent, heartfelt and visually wonderful animated film from Israeli director Ari Folman, who made his name with the animated historical satire Waltz With Bashir...

The battle for Mount Rushmore: ‘It should be turned into something like the Holocaust Museum’

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Mount Rushmore national memorial draws nearly 3 million visitors a year to its remote location in South Dakota. They travel from all corners of the globe just to lay their eyes on what the National Park Service calls ...

Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for comparing House mask rule to the Holocaust

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the extremist Republican congresswoman, has apologized for her comments comparing the required wearing of safety masks in the US House to the horrors of the Holocaust. “I’m truly sorry for offe...

Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

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Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican. Lidia Maksymowicz, a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three...

‘There is still so much hatred’: looking back on Holocaust documentary The Last Days

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The last time June Beallor saw the Auschwitz survivor Irene Zisblatt, they watched Sex and the City together. That was 20 hace años que. Beallor is one of the producers behind The Last Days, the Oscar-winning 1998 documen...

Reseña traicionada: descripción moderada de las víctimas del Holocausto en Noruega

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Steven Spielberg dijo una vez sobre la Lista de Schindler que estaba contando una historia del Holocausto., not the story. “Hay millones de historias de la Shoah. Seis millones de ellos nunca los escucharemos ". En este sentido, restra...

Gerhard Richter gives Holocaust art to Berlin

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Fans of the German painter Gerhard Richter are expected to flock to Berlin to view 100 works that he has in effect donated in a long-term loan to a new museum of modern art. The works include a series of paintings add...