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El fiscal general de Nueva York responsabiliza a Trump y Cuomo

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Los dos hombres nacieron con una década de diferencia en Queens, Nueva York, uno heredero de una fortuna inmobiliaria y el otro de una dinastía política. Donald Trump pasó a ser presidente, y Andrew Cuomo se convirtió en gobernador, como su padre.

How we stay together: ‘We’re the middle aged couple walking down the street holding hands’

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Names: Angela Kitzelman and Don JarmeyYears together: 36Occupations: public servant and lab technician “If you can travel together successfully, that is a sign of a strong relationship,” says Don Jarmey. “If you can s...

Fishmongers’ Hall terror attack witness describes holding dying victim

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A witness to the Fishmongers’ Hall terror attack in central London has described holding one of the victims in his arms and telling her she was loved as she lay dying. Gareth Evans, a former HMP Grendon inmate, told a...

Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan ceasefire holding after day of intense fighting

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A ceasefire on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan appeared to be holding on Friday after a day of intense fighting between the two former Soviet Central Asian neighbours that has killed about 40 people and w...

Thai prisons holding democracy activists drive record Covid figures

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Thailand reported its largest one-day rise in coronavirus infections on Thursday, with more than half coming from two Bangkok prisons where prominent democracy activists are being detained. The kingdom is battling a t...

‘Black people have an extra hurdle to jump’: ex-cricketer Michael Holding

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In his playing days in the 1970s and 1980s, the West Indian cricketer Michael Holding didn’t speak out against racism, although he saw it all around him. “I chose not to confront it because I was being selfish,” he sa...

Former West Indies bowler Michael Holding retiring as TV commentator

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Michael Holding is retiring after 31 years as a TV commentator. The former West Indies fast bowler played 60 Tests and 102 one-day internationals, reclamando 391 wickets, before moving behind the microphone after his re...