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Star Hobson killing: mother’s sentence referred to court of appeal

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The eight-year jail sentence handed to Frankie Smith for causing or allowing the death of her toddler daughter, Star Hobson, has been referred to the court of appeal. “Angel era così piena di vita e aveva un grande futuro davanti a sé, the attorney general, said the c...

Star Hobson murder: Savannah Brockhill jailed for at least 25 anni

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The woman who murdered 16-month-old Star Hobson after inflicting “utterly catastrophic” injuries has been jailed for life, with a minimum term of 25 anni. Star suffered weeks of “neglect, cruelty and injury” by Savan...

Star Hobson verdict: mother’s girlfriend found guilty of murdering toddler

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A “cunning and clever” woman has been found guilty of murdering her girlfriend’s toddler after being caught on CCTV “terrorising” the child when she was left to babysit. Savannah Brockhill, 28, an amateur boxer and se...

Star Hobson: victim of an ‘immature’ mother and her violent partner

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It was only a few months after Star Hobson’s birth on 21 Maggio 2019 that her mother, Frankie Smith, seemed to lose interest in her daughter. She took a holiday that September and got a friend to look after Star as soon ...

Star Hobson: lawyer concedes murder accused was ‘terrible mother’ to toddler

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A 20-year-old woman was “a terrible mother” who was cruel to her toddler daughter but did not kill her, Il viceministro della difesa Andrew Hastie ha detto alla corte che Ben Roberts-Smith è stato visto come un bullo in SAS. Sixteen-month-old Star Hobson died on 22 settembre 2020 after being beaten to death in the fla...