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SpaceX makes history with first all-civilian crew launched into orbit – video

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Elon Musk's SpaceX venture has launched an all-civilian spaceflight in the first attempt at orbit around the Earth without a professional crew of astronauts. It's the first crew in history made up of nonprofessional a...

Alice Dearing makes history but Team GB’s first black swimmer leaves ‘broken’

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By diving out into the toasty waters of the handsome Odaiba Bay early on a humid Wednesday morning in Tokyo, Alice Dearing had already made history. She is and will always be the first black swimmer to represent Great...

Mohamed Sbihi to make history as Team GB’s first Muslim Olympic flagbearer

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The gold medal-winning rower Mohamed Sbihi will make history on Friday after being announced as the first Muslim to carry the British flag at an Olympic opening ceremony. He will be joined by another gold medallist, t ...

Haaland makes history as first Indigenous cabinet secretary

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Goeie more. Deb Haaland has made history by becoming the first Indigenous cabinet secretary in US, when she was confirmed as Joe Biden’s secretary of the interior. The Senate confirmed her by a 51-40 vote, Haaland h...