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Capsule of 1765 air reveals ancient histories hidden under Antarctic ice

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An ampoule of Antarctic air from the year 1765 forms the centrepiece of a new exhibition that reveals the hidden histories contained in polar ice to visitors attending the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow. The arti...

Die week in klank: Getting Better; The Fake Paralympians; Horrible Histories Podcast

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Getting Better AudibleThe Fake Paralympians BBC World Service | BBC SoundsHorrible Histories Podcast BBC Sounds Winston Churchill’s “detente” with his prostate is not what you’d expect popping up, as it were, in the o...

Parallels in personal and national histories

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I spent much of my working life as a psychologist and psychotherapist, helping people come to terms with the uncomfortable and often painful realities of their lives and personal histories. I was therefore struck by p...

American uprising: three US cities cracked down on protesters – their histories tell us why

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One year ago, in the week after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, an uprising ripped across the country at a dizzying pace. As millions flooded the streets police used teargas against demonstrators in m...

Civilisations by Laurent Binet review – thought-provoking fantasy histories

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French author Laurent Binet is preoccupied with real-life events, AKA history, and how we tell it. There was the fretful meticulousness of his debut HHhH, a “nonfiction novel” about the assassination of Nazi chief Rei...

Counter Histories: Rock Hill review – landmark segregation protest gets muddled documentary

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This 53-minute documentary spotlights an important milestone during the 1960s American civil rights movement that has lost none of its significance. Aan 31 Januarie 1961, a group of African American students staged a si...