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El ministro insinúa la prohibición de las calderas de gas, pero dice que el mercado debería impulsar el cambio

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Las calderas de gas podrían prohibirse en el futuro, pero el gobierno cree que el mercado debería impulsar cambios en los sistemas de calefacción doméstica., la ministra del gabinete Anne-Marie Trevelyan ha dicho, en medio de críticas al sistema de subvenciones limitadas..

Tokyo Olympics will be closed to fans from abroad, hints Games organiser

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The new president of the Tokyo Olympic organising committee has hinted that foreign fans will not be allowed at this summer’s Games amid reports in the Japanese press that a decision had already been made to exclude t...

No 10 hints Johnson will increase number of women in cabinet

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Boris Johnson will use his next cabinet reshuffle to boost the number of women in his top team, a senior aide has suggested. Allegra Stratton, the prime minister’s press secretary, refrained from setting a date for th...

UK minister hints Covid rules on foreign travel could extend to summer

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Defence secretary Ben Wallace says vaccination programme will be protected at all costsThe defence secretary, Ben Wallace, has said the government will protect its vaccination programme at all costs, as speculation gr...

Cern experiment hints at new force of nature

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Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva have spotted an unusual signal in their data that may be the first hint of a new kind of physics. The LHCb collaboration, one of four main teams at the LHC, analysed...

UK hints it will give full diplomatic status to EU ambassador

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The government has hinted that it will grant full diplomatic status to the EU ambassador to the UK with the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, saying he was looking to turn the page on the Brexit saga and wanted to trea...

A shift on aid hints British voters are finally tiring of the politics of spite

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In all the political shocks of the past five years, large claims have been made about their architects: they’re playing multidimensional chess; they have seen straight through Westminster groupthink, into the very hea...

Johnson hints ‘amber watchlist’ travel plan may be ditched

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Boris Johnson has hinted that plans for tougher travel restrictions on popular holiday destinations could be ditched, as he said he wanted a simple approach to quarantining on return from abroad. The prime minister ha...

Patel hints Afghans crossing Channel will be treated same as other migrants

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Afghans seeking refuge in the UK who arrive on small boats from across the Channel will be treated the same as any other migrants who enter the country by the same means, the home secretary has suggested. Priti Patel ...

Downing Street hints pensions triple lock will be watered down

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Downing Street has given its strongest signal yet that the pensions triple lock will be watered down because of the recent surge in average earnings, which under current rules would deliver a rise of more than 8% por ...

Actualización de Victoria Covid: Dan Andrews hints at more restrictions after 55 nuevos casos de Covid

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Daniel Andrews has told Victorians he “cannot rule out” introducing more restrictions to curb the state’s coronavirus outbreak after a spike in positive cases that includes 12 in the regional city of Shepparton. El...