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Hillary Clinton: US still faces ‘real battle for democracy’ – video

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Hillary Clinton said the US was still in a 'real battle for our democracy' against pro-Trump forces on the far right who are seeking to entrench minority rule and turn back the clock on women’s rights.Speaking at a Gu...

Keir Starmer picks ‘Stronger Together’ slogan used by Hillary Clinton to rebrand

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Keir Starmer has picked the election slogan of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, “Stronger Together”, to badge the wide-ranging policy review that will lay the groundwork for Labour’s next manifesto. Party ch...

Hillary Clinton: ‘There has to be a global reckoning with disinformation’

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Her bid for the White House was engulfed by a tidal wave of fabricated news and false conspiracy theories. Now Hillary Clinton is calling for a “global reckoning” with disinformation that includes reining in the power...

Come ci siamo conosciuti: ‘When Hillary Clinton lost the election we decided to leave America’

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Like many teenagers, Rebecca Roldán Gordon loved spending time on the internet. Nel 1999 they began writing to Nick Reynolds, who was then known as Katherine. “We were on a fanfiction website for Trigun, a comic and TV...