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‘Hilarious’: Cornish pub will not change name despite letter from Vogue owner

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Standing seven storeys tall in Mayfair’s Hanover Square – a short walk from Savile Row, Oxford Street and Michelin-starred restaurants – there is little mistaking Vogue House for what it is: the home of the fashion bi...

The My Dad Wrote a Porno podcasters look back: ‘I wasn’t doing it against Dad’s will. He thought it was hilarious’

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TV and radio presenter Alice Levine, producer James Cooper and director Jamie Morton are the creators of My Dad Wrote a Porno, the blockbuster comedy podcast boasting more than 300m downloads. Centred on readings of (...

‘The bawdy, fertile, redheaded matriarch has kicked it’: son’s hilarious obituary goes viral

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Some obituary notices open with the grand achievements of a life well-lived, or the tender details of a person’s passing with loved ones at their side. The death in El Paso, Texas, of Renay Mandel Corren, sin emabargo, era...

The Big Leap review – dance drama is a joyous, hilarious delight

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I do not know how you defy the odds, the mood and the global direction of travel towards hell in a new-variant handcart in order to make an uplifting, joyful, uncynical show that is still funny, but the good people (a...

Un carnaval de bocadillos por David Sedaris revisión - bruto, Moviente, gracioso

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La incuriosidad no es uno de los defectos de David Sedaris, y en este segundo tramo de sus diarios, Su apetito por observar los absurdos y las idiosincrasias de sus semejantes es deliciosamente desenfrenado.. Tome los conductores w ...

‘Hilarious and very honest’: Katie Couric casts off her perky persona in her new memoir

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She was the golden girl of TV whose questions burst the bubble of Sarah Palin, the highest-paid morning news anchor who switched to hard evening news, and the broadcaster who once noted that an interviewer needs to “k...

Key Oscars moments: from the historic to the hilarious – video

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While the scaled-back Oscars in Los Angeles on Sunday made for a more subdued and intimate affair than usual, the evening was not without its moments. Picking up his award for best supporting actor, the British actor ...

Hilarious, literal, preciously simple: Big Boat Stuck in the Suez Canal was the narrative we needed

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As the Ever Given was freed from the Suez Canal on Monday — just under a week after it jammed itself in there like a husky gentleman in a waterslide — the prevailing attitude online was not one of relief or celebratio...

Freaks and Geeks: gracioso, moving and endlessly quotable teen show for the ages

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Growing up is a lonely business. Films and television shows have unpacked the agony of adolescence for years, but few have captured it as beautifully or authentically as Freaks and Geeks, Paul Feig’s 1999 comedy-drama...