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All is not rosy for UK gardens as Brexit hits supplies and Covid hikes demand

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Delphiniums, lupins and other hardy perennials are hard to come by. Roses, fruit trees and house plants are in short supply. As for garden furniture, and equipment, if you think you can walk into a garden centre today...

Pain aggravation: the human cost of medicine price hikes

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The UK’s competition watchdog has fined pharmaceutical company Advanz over £100m for inflating the price of its thyroid tablets by up to 6,000%. The exorbitant costs resulted in NHS clinical commissioning groups advis...

Future BP dividend hikes will test investor commitment to its green plan

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It’s hard to keep up with oil companies’ dividend policies. One minute they’re slashing payments to shareholders in the face of a pandemic that, supposedly, had permanently lowered the outlook for oil prices. The next...

Gli assicuratori britannici non sono pronti per regole più severe sugli aumenti dei prezzi, cane da guardia dice

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Gli assicuratori potrebbero affrontare un'azione disciplinare dopo che l'autorità di vigilanza della città ha affermato che le aziende britanniche non erano pronte per regole più severe sugli aumenti dei prezzi per l'assicurazione auto e casa. La Financial Conduct Authority ha affermato che troppe aziende stavano fallendo...

Flood warning: how to protect your home as insurance hikes seep in

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It was like a cloudburst. The downpour came so quickly and with such ferocity that some residents of Walthamstow in north-east London didn’t have time to salvage their belongings from the flood as a month’s worth of r...

Tax hikes, empty shelves and fuel shortages – why do the Tories look so invincible?

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As Conservatives return home from their annual conference, they have good reasons to feel cheerful. Their national insurance increase on workers, empty shelves and involuntary conga lines at garage forecourts have bar...