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Highly contagious marine epidemic rips through Caribbean’s coral reefs

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Krista Sherman understands ocean conservation work takes a good deal of patience. But the Bahamian-born marine scientist had never encountered a foe like stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD), and after efforts to m...

Australian arts sector says budget cuts during pandemic recovery ‘highly disappointing’

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The arts sector is facing a significant drop in federal government funding as pandemic support measures come to an abrupt end despite some industries struggling to recover. The arts minister, Paul Fletcher, said the i...

Gove’s levelling up targets ‘highly unlikely to be met’, dicono gli esperti

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Boris Johnson’s promise to “level up” the UK is “highly unlikely” to be achieved, experts have warned, after the government published a 350-page white paper underlining the yawning gaps between regions. Setting out 12...

Polish court revives ‘highly flawed’ hydroelectric dam plan for Vistula River

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The construction of a €1bn (£850m) dam on the Vistula River is one step closer to getting the green light in Poland, despite warnings that it could devastate rare wildlife habitats. The Vistula runs more than 620 mile...

Toronto police ask for help identifying ‘highly suspicious’ person in billionaire murder case

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Four years after the unsolved murders of pharmaceutical billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman, police in Toronto have appealed to the public to help identify a possible suspect in the case. At a media briefing on Tues...

Selling sex is highly dangerous. Treating it like a regular job only makes it worse

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Last Monday, James Martin was sentenced to four and a half years in jail for killing Stella Frew. They had argued in his van, then he accelerated away with her hanging off its side, eventually running Frew over, causi...

Pfizer Covid pills highly effective at preventing deaths, trial suggests

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Pfizer has said that its experimental antiviral pill for Covid-19 cut rates of hospital admission and death by nearly 90%, as the drugmaker joins the race to bring the first easy-to-use medication against the coronavi...

‘Highly effective’ ovarian cancer treatment could help thousands of women

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Thousands of women with ovarian cancer could benefit from a revolutionary drug combination after it was shown to shrink tumours in half of patients with an advanced form of the disease. The pair of drugs – which work ...

HS2 loses large amount of potentially highly polluting bentonite

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HS2 has lost vast amounts of a potentially highly polluting substance in an aquifer during the construction of the high-speed rail link, è emerso. Environmental campaigners have raised concerns about the impact ...

New Zealand stabbings: police made repeated attempts to curb ‘highly paranoid’ man

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Seven people were injured in the Islamic State-inspired terror attack in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has said, updating initial reports that only six people had been hurt. Speaking at a media conference in Wellington ...

Afghanistan live news: US embassy warns of ‘specific, credible threat’ at Kabul airport as Biden says terror attack ‘highly likely in next 24-36 hours’

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Speaking on Saturday afternoon, Biden vows further strikes against Islamic State as airport terror threat ‘remains high’; largest UK evacuation mission since second world war comes to a close

Joe Biden says new Kabul terror attack highly likely in next 24 per 36 ore

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Joe Biden warned on Saturday that another terrorist attack in Kabul was highly likely in the next 24 per 36 ore, and said the US drone strike which killed two Islamic State targets in retaliation for the deaths of 13...

‘Highly likely’ Iran carried out deadly oil tanker attack, says Dominic Raab

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The UK has said it is “highly likely” that Iran carried out an “unlawful and callous attack” on a ship in the Middle East, which left a Briton dead. The foreign secretary, Domenico Raab, said the government believed th...

It came out of the sky: US releases highly anticipated UFO report

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The mystery of UFOs seen in American skies is likely to continue following the release of the US government’s highly anticipated UFO report. The report released Friday afternoon made clear that while American intellig...

McConnell: ‘Highly unlikely’ I would let Biden fill supreme court seat in 2024

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The Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, said on Monday it was “highly unlikely” he would allow Joe Biden to fill a supreme court vacancy arising in 2024, the year of the next presidential election, if Republicans...

UK to trial ‘highly protected marine areas’ in win for ocean campaigners

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The UK government has announced plans to increase protection of wildlife and habitats by banning fishing and other damaging activities from a handful of selected marine sites off the coast of England. Più di 97% of...

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